Behavior and Training

Animal Communication Can Help

Resolve Behavioral and Training Issues

Learn how telepathy with animals can be of assistance when training for daily life or show competitions.  It's also very valuable when resolving behavioral problems and when an animal is missing.

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Jacquelin Smith, Apr. 18, 2012, "Tracking Lost Animals"
Read about Jacquelin Smith and this program.
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Read Jacquelin's Article, "Tracking Lost Animals"


Shirley Scott, August 17, 2011, "Dogs in Prison: Who's Teaching Whom?"
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Read Shirley's article, "Offenders Training Dogs"


Kathy Kawalec, Jan. 19, 2011, "Creating a Heart Connected Relationship With Your Performance Dog or Horse"
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Read Kathy's article, "5 Easy Steps to a Great Partnership"


Nedda Wittels, September, 2009, "The Litter Box Dilemma: The Feline Perspective"
Read about Nedda Wittels and this program
[embedit snippet="neddawittels09-25-2009_behavior-training"]
Read Nedda's article, "Tips for Litter Box Management"


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