Alternative Healing

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Many alternative healing systems originally developed for humans are being used successfully with animals.   If you're interested in learning more about pet healing or distance healing for animals, you'll want to listen to some of these recordings.  On this page, you will find programs on:

  • Chakras
  • Energy Healing
  • Energy Portraits
  • Gemstones
  • Homeopathy
  • Iridology
  • Shamanism
  • Tellington TTouch

RECORDINGS are uploaded as soon as possible after each presentation.
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Georgina Cyr, June 20, 2012, "Iridology for Animals"
Read about Georgina Cyr and this program.

Read Georgina's Article, "What Is Iridology?"


Carla Meeske, Mar. 21, 2012, "Stories from the Shamanic Healing Clinic for Animals"
Read about Carla Meeske and this program.

Read Carla's Article, "Cases Studies from SpiritHealer Qualified Healers"


Phil Ragno, December 14, 2011- "The Healing Power of Gemstones"
Read about Phil Ragno and this program.

Read Phil's article, "Gemstone Healing: A Secret Ancient Art"


Cathy Wells, November 16, 2011- "Animal Communication and Tellington TTouch: A Multi-Dimensional Perspective"
Read about Cathy Wells and this program.

Read Cathy's article, "Expanding Your Horizons with Tellington TTouch"


Leiah Bowden, September 22, 2011- "Lightspeak Energy Portraits: Manifesting the Multidimensional Aspects of Your Animals."
Read about Leiah Bowden and this program.

Read Leiah's article, "LightSpeak Animal Communication: In the Radiant Flow of Life"


Irene Bras - van Leeuwen, Apr. 20, 2011, "The Sky is NOT the Limit: Energy Healing for Animals"
Read about Irene Bras - van Leeuwen and this program.

Read Irene's article, "Profound Healing"


Anne Angelo, Mar. 16, 2011, "Helping Animals Heal Old Traumas"
Read about Anne Angelo and this program.


Lynn McKenzie, Jan. 20, 2010, "Introduction to Animal Chakras"
Read about Lynn McKenzie and this program.

Read Lynn's article, "What Are Animal Chakras?"


Carla Meeske, May 19, 2010, "Enhancing Animal Communication With Shamanism"
Read about Carla Meeske and this program.


Donna Lozito, August 18, 2010, "Energy, Animal Communication, and Homeopathy"
Read about Donna Lozito and this program.

Read Donna's article, "Homeopathic Aconite - for Your Pet"


Jacquelin Smith, September, 2009, "Soul Recovery: The Shamanic Healing Process of Soul Retrieval for Animals"
Read about Jacquelin Smith and this program.


Carla Meeske, September, 2009, "Working Shamanically With Our Animal's Spirit Tribes"
Read about Carla Meeske and this program.

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