Animals and the Shift of the Ages: Ready – Set – Go!!

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Blogging with Nedda Wittels

The animals are definitely participating in many ways with the spiritual transformation on Earth.  In this teleclass, Echo, my former equine companion, gave us 6 steps to helping us deal with challenges that we are each facing at this time:

Echo in her last lifetime as an Arabian Mare.

  1. DECIDE what you want to learn. Whatever you are choosing to learn, you will be provided the perfect situation for you to learn it. Whether you want to learn how to be compassionate or how to eliminate fear or how to take back your personal power, you will create the perfect situations for yourself to succeed.
  2. When a situation arises, immediately LOOK FOR  it’s true GIFTS. Each situation, no matter what it may appear to be at first, contains truly powerful gifts of spiritual growth, healing, and expansion. Even if you can’t identify them at first, know that they are there, and set your intention that those gifts will emerge and grow – like a new kitten experiencing the world for the first time.
  3. ASK for HELP. Help is totally available. Humans in 3-D keep forgetting to ask for help. I have lots of help right now as I figure out how to be a kitten. Not only the people at the cattery and my parents and siblings and aunts and cousins, but my guides and teachers in the higher planes are all available. All I need to do is ask. Ask every day. Ask for help with everything. They will never say no and they will tirelessly assist you when you ask.
  4. Set INTENTIONS. An intention is a thought that you energize and then send out to the Universe. An intention comes from deep inside you – in your very cells and in your heart and in your mind. When you can put an intention into words and then energize it with feelings, you are already manifesting it. When I decided to be a kitten, I had to be able to communicate to my guides and teachers exactly what I wanted to do with my kitten body and lifetime. That’s how I created the contract for my soul’s delight in this experience. So far, it’s been both fun and challenging, and I’m truly enjoying it.
  5. When you find yourself falling back into old patterns, LOVINGLY remind yourself that you can make a different choice. The LOVING part is as important as the new choice. Love has the power to heal everything completely and to break up the old patterns and to create new ones. Everything that exists is created from only one element – LOVE.
  6. Bring JOY into every situation. There are fun and funny aspects to everything. Find the fun – the joy – the laughter, and when you do, you’ll transform yourself into higher frequencies. Then you’ll remember your Divine Self.

Later in our teleclass, you and your animal companions had an opportunity for a heart-to-heart conversation about the Shift of the Ages and how to help yourself make the shift.

Please write in a comment whatever your animal asked you to share with others, and also ask any questions you may have about "Animals and the Shift of the Ages."


Surviving the Changes: Forward to Basics for the New Era

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Blogging With Billie Dean

When we embrace the sacred, we can improve our standard of living through a change in values, help a  smoother sailing through the earth changes,  and leave a lighter footprint, ensuring a better tomorrow.

Perhaps it is time to embrace some of the old ways in a modern context.  Here are some examples:

  • Community gardens.
  • Neighbourhood gatherings.
  • Making time for more meaningful pursuits like self-expression.
  • Spending more time with loved ones including your animals.
  • Growing your own food.
  • Having your own water tanks.
  • Having extra candles, medical supplies, matches,  torches (flashlights) and food supplies on hand.
  • Reducing your dependence on the energy grid and the whims of the weather, and
  • Embracing a more vegan lifestyle for all the family for a future of peace.

What other small changes can you make today to thrive in these exciting but uncertain times?  Please share you ideas here.

Your questions are also welcome.

Billie Dean
Wild Pure Heart Productions

Earth Changes and Our Animal Companions

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Blogging with Barbara Goodfriend


We are well aware of how 2012 is heralding unprecedented earth changes, and our animals are also feeling the intensity of these charged times.

As we evolve into a unified field of consciousness, the potential for communication between sentient beings is increasing and intensifying.

  • Have you recently been experiencing a stronger connection or flow with your animal?
  • Have you been having unusual or profound encounters with wildlife?
  • Our animals are here to help cross this threshold?

Please share experiences that you've had with your own animals and/or ask questions here about how my talk.

Barbara Goodfriend

For everyone who was on the call or listened to the recording, the following special offer is available until March 1, 2012.  Please mention this program or give the word "Freedom" when you register:

Get $10 off my $25.00 study group telecast. It is an hour and 15 minutes limited to 5 people per class.  We will be practicing animal communication and discussing the inner process of developing an amplified link with the animals.  Mention the word "freedom" when you sign up or say you heard this talk at the Animal Communicator Forum.

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