Animals and the Final Journey

November 19, 2009 by  
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Dying is not a calamity to animals as it often is for humans. It is the leaving of a body which was used to have certain experiences over a period of time. Without a body you can't have experiences and it is the aim of every creature to have these.

Depending on what experiences you want to have, you reincarnate into one body or another.

To the animal the leaving of a body is not connected with the end of life, it is just a change in the form of being.

Dying is not a taboo subject to animals and they do address it. They also exchange experiences with deceased animals to have a better and easier death.

I have been allowed to witness it a few times. How animals, which are no longer in the body, helped those which were close to death or preparing for it.

My animal companion Spot, now in spirit, says that dying is a skill which needs to be learned. Most people but also quite some animals (specially those who live with humans) do not know how to die.