How Animals’ Past Lives Inform the Present

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Blogging with Amy Ruegg


The Importance of Past-Lives

in Animal Healing and Communication


From within an age of materialism and a culture looking at plants and animals as disposable and unfeeling subjects of scientific research and genetic manipulation, it may come as a surprise that our animal friends are often our spiritual companions through many lifetimes. Fortunately, even the most atheistic scientist is now duly confronted by the order arising from chaos in Chaos Theory, the functionality as well as beauty of Fractal and Sacred Geometry, the proven health benefits of prayer and meditation, and, most recently, the discovery of the “God Particle” or Higgs Boson in Particle Physics at CERN particle accelerator.

In point of fact, everything is energy. Spirit is energy. Our physical body is energy. Our thoughts and emotions are energy.

The one thing that human beings thought was unique about ourselves is our consciousness…which is just a focus of energy awareness. Yet ancient tribal peoples always knew, we borrow our consciousness, our soul, our spirit, our thoughts and emotions from a Divine Source consciousness that encompasses the Cosmos; just as we also borrow the material substance of our physical body from the earth elements, many of which are, incidentally, only produced in the fusion reactions of distant stars or in the unfathomable explosions called Super Novae. In fact, everything in the universe/multiverse has a particular energy vibration and hence a particular consciousness. And, we can all tune in to each other (animals, plants, crystals, mountains, rivers, streams, planets, stars, angels, God, spirit guides, ascended masters)—all of us can become aware of each other just as a radio tunes into different frequencies or radio stations as you adjust the dial.

In the consciousness-raising awareness of this important year of 2012, more and more people are embracing the reality of energy, alternative healing methods and their own quest for spiritual fulfillment and understanding. It is a rare pleasure to be counted amongst the individuals who tune into our animal friends, seeking understanding, joy and healing. As has been known for millennia by the ancient peoples, human beings have a Divine Essence or Spirit which can choose to take bodies for learning deep wisdom lessons. On no other energy level can the degree of learning and spiritual growth be accomplished as on the physical plane. Our animal friends have chosen a different focus in their incarnations. Theirs tends more toward a supportive role as they incarnate in their own respective physical forms. Those animals that choose wild lives untouched by human contact hold the purity of the Gaia Essence, of Wildness, of the archetype of their species. Those who more and more cross paths with people as our pets, our food, our circus entertainers, our zoo experience…these have more and more conscious goals and typically are eventually seeking a human-like incarnation at some point in the future for themselves. These interactions over many life-times are most interesting to me in my work as an animal communicator and healer. In my spiritual counseling sessions, I am always amazed at the love, friendship, devotion and sacrifice the animals offer us through our earthly journeys together.

When humans take a new physical body form or earthly life, they pass through a threshold of forgetfulness guarded by a spiritual guardian so they are no longer conscious of their past-life journey (although more and more we find children remembering certain things from their past-lives). This is necessary so that one can adjust to the current life and embrace it fully. At this time also, we humans can experience a “Fall” from paradise or separation from the Divine Source Consciousness. This happens to varying degrees depending on the person and their spiritual evolutionary state or goals. Animals, on the other hand, maintain their memory and awareness of their lifetimes, past and present, and they also maintain their connection to the Divine. Only trauma and severe abuse can push an animal out of connection with balance and Source Energy and then only for a time.

I have encountered many instances in my healing work in which an animal returned as an animal companion for the same person over and over again or until karma was healed. It is wonderful to “hear” their stories…a kitten who endured a month long trek through the wilderness to reunite with a husband and wife who were in a past-life circus leopard trainers and, of course, in that past-life this kitten was the leopard! A dog who ran away from an alcoholic owner, was hit and nearly killed by a car, was found by a Reiki healer, brought back to life and brought to a vet clinic where he recovered…and thus cleared karma with the Reiki healer (then a Native American hunter) who in a past-life had hunted and killed the dog (then a wolf) with a bow and arrow. Now, the hunter became the life-saving healer.

Many times, unexplained behaviors, pain, or illness reflects back to past-lives as well. A Corgi agility champion with middle back pain was aided when, during a reading, we discovered that her human had, in a past-life as a Native American hunted her (she was then a cottontail bunny) and the arrow had gone through at the spine in just that place. Unexplained fear of a peaceful pig by a 17 hand warm blood was elucidated during a reading…in this case the horse had shown me a past-life as the mount for a wild-boar hunter. In that past life, the boar gored the steed and caused his death! No wonder the big horse was fearful of pigs! And, no wonder the three hundred pound piggy had wriggled through the fencing from the pig farm next door to become the mascot of the horse facility…this pig had been the wild boar in that medieval past life!

These are just the tip of the iceberg…the stories go on and on! My own horse and I shared a lifetime on another planet millennia ago in which we were partners and had bodies that could fly! All of us, humans, animals, nature spirits, angels, spirit guides…we all have unique and intricate spiritual journeys that we are constantly co-creating and some of our most exciting times are when we interact in relationships between “species” or energy levels. In our relationships, we find out more about ourselves and we learn to listen to each other and hear the myriad and precious energy vibrations filling the Cosmos and sharing companionship, mutual respect and love.

I look forward to reading your comments and answering your questions.
Amy Ruegg




Animal Journey’s: End of Life and Beyond

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Blogging with Georgina Cyr

The animals that I have worked with want us to know that they are trying to help us to learn about death. They do not think of it as the end of life. It is the Spirit in transition.

They are trying to help us to lose the fear surrounding death. They are gently assisting us to be more open and aware and asking us to allow ourselves to peek into that realm with trust and love.

Our love for them opens our hearts and they gently take us to places where we may have been afraid to go previously. When they need to leave their bodies permanently, they try to prepare us; they hold us in Love and say “Look… I am not afraid… I know that this is just change, a new place.”

Please respond with your comments and questions.

Thank you,
Georgina Cyr

You are invited to read more of the animals messages about their Journey Through End of Life and beyond.

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Talking with Animals in Spirit

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Blogging with Kristin Thompson


My life has been so enriched through my many connections with animals in spirit. I have healed in incredible ways, and have witnessed the most profound love shared between animals and their people.

I would love for you to contribute here about your experiences while communicating with animals in spirit.

Please share some of your experiences and ask questions.


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