Red Fox Visitor

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On the Hunt.

Fox on woodpile_web_004Look Who's Here for Breakfast.

It was already full daylight when I saw this red fox on the prowl.  Determined to find his own breakfast in my yard, he kept sniffing round and round atop the woodpile.

He even went up under the tarp, but he moved so fast, I couldn't catch that on my camera.

Fox on the woodpile_web_005From the intensity of his sniffing, somebody had crawled into the woodpile to escape.

Fox ran from side to side, jumped down, ran around, and kept sniffing.

When I saw him go up under the tarp, I was surprised.

Hattie, formerly feral cat now in spirit, once told me that hiding in a pile of wood was a good way to be safe from predators.

When I used to do lost animal work, cats would sometimes show themselves hiding inside piles of wood, either in the woods or someone's back yard.

But this fox, totally focused on the scent his capable nose was eagerly following, was undeterred by the woodpile.

Fox on woodpile_web_015Then he jumped to the ground and seemed ready to give up.

Was he just surveying the situation from another angle?

Or was he being "foxy?"

By moving away as though he had given up, he allowed his prey to think he might have gone.

Fox on woodpile_web_019He was waiting and watching.

With hawk-like precision, with nose fully active, he waited expectantly for the prey to make a break for it.

And a grey squirrel did emerge from the other side of the pile and run up a tree to safety.

Not at all deterred by this, the fox continued to check out the woodpile.

Fox on woodpile_web_022

Because he was so focused on his hunt, I didn't try to speak to the fox until after he left, using these photos as a way to connect.  But he was still hungry and still focused on breakfast, and didn't have any interest in speaking with me.

Meanwhile, I used his presence to educate my two young cats, Starlight and Melissa.  I made sure they were looking out the window while the hunt went on and explained that they could each be a substantial breakfast for this or any other fox.

Both young cats were fascinated by him.

STARLIGHT:  I get it.  I don't want to go out there while the fox is around.  But I'll have to get his scent to really identify him. 

MELISSA:  He's beautiful, but I'll bet he can't catch me.  I can jump higher than he can.

Fox on woodpile_sharpened_033


5 Responses to “Red Fox Visitor”
  1. Doug Hagens says:


  2. sandy says:

    I have 2 adults and 10 kitts cavorting in my yard, living under my shed. Not really happy about that, but they are great fun to watch. My dog is patiently, and sometimes not so patiently, waiting to play with all or any of these youngsters. One in particular seems especially eager to make friends with Poe as well. Do wish you’d been able to speak with your fox. I’d have enjoyed that communication with its insights. Maybe another time.

    • Yes, Sandy, I wish I could have persuaded him to talk with me. I sense that not all wild animals want to have conversations with humans. He was very hungry and very focused on getting breakfast.

      This morning he wandered through again, in less of a hurry, but didn’t stop. I was the one rushing to get one of the cats to her chiropractic visit, so I didn’t have time to talk. I’ll try to find a moment to turn in using the photos.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Thank you, Nedda, for this. It is very informative. Glad the little squirrel was not the fox’s breakfast that morning even if it was too bad for him/her.
    Well done, little squirrel!

    • Predators serve very important roles in nature. They are not evil or mean or bad. They are doing a job, just like the animals who eat plants are doing a job by spreading the seeds or pollen of the plants.

      What I find interesting about the photos of this handsome fellow is that I thought all red foxes in the area had white on the tip of their tales, but this one doesn’t, and also that he had grey on his chest, which surprised me, too. When I checked photos online, I saw many that had similar coloration to this fellow.