Is My Missing Animal Still Alive?

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Can An Animal Communicator Tell?


How Can You Tell?

I received an email over the weekend from someone with a missing cat.  Here's what Erica asked me:

My cat has been missing for a while now & we have searched & searched our property & neighborhoods & found no sign of death etc so we truly believe she is still alive & lost!

I contacted 2 different animal communicators that said she is alive & we've searched those areas where they suggested & then some!! Still no luck.  Then in my desperation I contacted a 3rd psychic that said she was in fact out of body.

I am just heartbroken & don't know who I should believe.

I guess my question is can a communicator be wrong when it comes to an animal being dead?  Have there been pets that come back & prove this info otherwise?  I know there are no guarantees, but am curious what my odds are here.  Any info or experience you've had with a reading that's false would be greatly appreciated

The simple answer to this question is, "Yes, Animal Communicators are human and therefore can be in error about any subject, including whether or not an animal is still alive."

Here are a few bits of information that I learned over the years when I was doing lost animal work.

  1. A good psychic is accurate about 80-85%.  No one is 100% accurate.  Anyone who claims to be 100% accurate - I recommend you run rapidly in the opposite direction.

  2. When checking to see if an animal is still alive, the information is only good "in that exact moment" and could be incorrect a few moments later because things often change quickly in these types of circumstances.

  3. The Animal Communicator may or may not know how to get a more accurate answer to this question.  There are different methods.

    I learned to check the physical body itself and the spirit cord, rather than to ask the animal's personality level because the animal may think they are still "alive in the body" when the animal may be "alive in spirit" and not know that the connection to the body has ceased.

  4. It's possible to speak with an animal as they are transitioning out of body.  Alive in one nano-second and disconnected in the next?  Entirely possible.

  5. Finding "evidence" of death, i.e., a physical form, may not happen because there are predators and carrion eaters that may not leave any evidence.  Some people can "track" an animal's path, but again, they are only telling you what they are getting in this NOW moment and most cannot predict the future.

Bottom Line: 

What does your heart tell you?

Even when I've told a client that my best psychic information tells me the animal is no longer in a functioning physical body, I've always encouraged the person to check in with their own inner knowing.  That can be more accurate than my information because the animal is more closely connected with that person than it is with me.

If you are filled with fear, grief, guilt, anger, and other emotions, doing this type of check yourself is very difficult. This is why some professional animal communicators offer "coaching" around missing animals, rather than focusing on trying to "find" the animal.

I no longer do missing animal cases.

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3 Responses to “Is My Missing Animal Still Alive?”
  1. Cathy Collin says:

    I agree completely with everything said. Many times animals and humans , when passing, are just confused, in the beginning.
    About a month ago, when I tried to help someone who had lost her cat, I was sent an image of where the cat was. When the girl sent me photos of her town, I realized the image was completely unrealistic. When I asked the owner how the cat had disappeared. she was confused herself and said that it was unlikely that the cat had gone out of the building through the main door. I asked the cat and what I saw/felt was exactly of she going out of the main door, running into the street and being hit by a car. I did not mention that to the owner, because I felt that the owner was not ready to listen to it. Days after, during yoga meditation, I talked another time to the cat and she asked me to prepare the owner to the possibility of her not being in this plane anymore. I went back to the owner and said of the possibility that she passed away. I think when we don’t give this 100% sure, we give time to owners and animals to prepare psychologically to the possibility of death.

    • Hi, Cathy,

      I no longer doing lost animal work, but I have done it in the past. I agree with you when you say that sometimes the person who is missing the animal is not ready to hear certain things. It’s a very difficult situation when you are sensing something that the human doesn’t want to hear or may even be unable to hear because of their emotional state or for some other reason. It’s a very tough call to make.

      My higher guidance has told me to always tell what I am “getting” psychically about a situation, so I feel that I must be true to that. Still, I have to choose my words carefully. I often tell people, “This is what I’m getting, but you must follow your own intuition.” This, I feel, leaves the person empowered to continue to search for the animal. Besides, I can be incorrect, as can anyone.

      And then there are the times when I’m sure the animal has passed on, and it returns to the person. Once when this occurred, I asked the animal about it. I was told that the persons intense grief had called so strongly to the animal that he had come back, if only for a short time, to be with his person.

  2. Doug Hagens says:

    Nedda, it interests me what you say, that it’s difficult to know anything for sure when filled with fear, guilt or any emotion that acts lie a wall or block. That’s certainly true for me. I’m beginning to recognize it coming down the pike. That’s when I say to my self Open Open Open!