In Memoriam: Purrley.

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Each Life Path Is to be Honored.

When Purrley first came.When Purrley first came.

Who are we to judge?

When we can be the neutral observer, it's easier to be in compassion for ourselves and others.

Purrley touched our lives with his beauty and his struggle to understand his experience of abandonment.

Purrley is no longer on the physical plane, as far as I can determine.

When he first arrived, he would make eye contact, but over time, he avoided me more and more, despite the large and nutritious and delicious meals I set before him.  A friend and I purchased a new feeding station for him and a feral cat house, but he would not stay in my yard.  He would come and eat and then run away.

Purrley's fear levels kept rising as autumn grew colder and the daylight grew shorter.  As the tall grass around my yard died and left big open spaces, he hid under the porch where Hattie lived, but keeping only to one corner.  I'm not sure Hattie was still there when he started to do this, but he would dart out as soon as I served breakfast ... only after he could hear me shut the door to the kitchen.

Purrley hasn't come for food in more than a week and isn't responding to any of my attempts to speak with him now.  I sense that he is gone from the physical plane.

I pray that his soul is cocooned in Divine Love to heal him from the trauma of his experiences.

Thank you, Purrley, for coming to my yard and allowing us all to meet you.  You are a beautiful being.  I wish I could have done more for you, but I allow that what I did do was perfect in each moment, and that you made the perfect choices for your Soul's growth.

I wish you well on all your journeys.  I send you love, gratitude, and appreciation.



8 Responses to “In Memoriam: Purrley.”
  1. Jill Stone says:

    Hi, Nedda. I was thinking about Purrley a few days ago, wondering how things were going for him. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. It is so sad that he lived in growing fear since his abandonment. He seems like he was such a wonderful cat. Hope he is in peace.

    Also, I missed the announcement about Hattie. Such a free sprit. Hattie is a great teacher. She passed like she lived – at her own chosing.

    I empathize with your feeling of emptiness and looking for them at breakfast time. You were (are) a great friend to them both. I am so sorry for your loss.

  2. ZoomaPood says:

    I feel sad for all involved. That both have gone in such a short space of time must be difficult to comprehend. To keep an open heart is admirable. The fact the feral community honour you with their trust just goes to show what a great and kind person you are.

    • Well, I’m sad, a bit, yes. But it’s not necessarily sad for them.

      I feel it definitely was Hattie’s time to go and that Purrley, who was having a more and more difficult time as the weather turned colder, is going to be much happier out of the physical realm.

      Sometimes it’s best to stay out of judgment, although that can be difficult when one’s own emotions are triggered.

  3. Annette Pedersen says:

    I am sorry to hear this also.
    But I am also thinking that your kindness and communication allowed a peaceful transition to a better place.

    And may you have deep compassion for yourself.

  4. Yvonne Tota-Guzman says:

    So sorry to hear about Hattie & Purrley. Even with the gift of animal communication, it must be hard to let go & accept that outcomes are not always what we expect. Please know my thoughts are with you, the girls, Hattie & Purrley. May you all be blessed with peace, comfort, & love.

  5. Ghina Siddiqui says:

    I’m so sad that Purrley left before there was a chance to assist with the abandonment. I hope there is all love now ????.