Purrley and Hattie at Breakfast.

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Feral Breakfast Buffet.

Purrley at BreakfastPurrley at Breakfast.

So now that Purrley has come 3 days in a row for breakfast, it's time to figure out how to get him to actually eat in the new feeding station.

This morning, after everyone ate and Purrley departed, I went out and sprayed Rescue Remedy mixed with Feral Cat Comforter inside the feeding station.

Then, I had an inspiration.

A friend of mind had brought a gift last month of fresh frozen sardines for the cats.  I still have some of these in the freezer.

So I took one, defrosted it, and cut it up.  Then I took Hattie's left-over bit from breakfast and put the sardine pieces in her bowl.  She was still hanging out on the back stoop, so I just placed the whole thing in Purrley's feeding station.

Hattie tried to eat it without actually climbing in, but then decided it was safe to climb up and did so.  She completely cleaned her plate.

Tomorrow, I'm planning on a sardine topping for both Hattie and Purrley.  Meanwhile, the new feeding station now has some of Hattie's scent inside it.  That will smell more familiar to Purrley.  Only time will tell whether I'm successful in using scent to lure Purrley inside the station.

Hattie cleaning up Purrley's bowl before I thought of the sardines.Hattie cleaning up Purrley's bowl
before I thought of the sardines.

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