No Sign of Purrley for 5 Mornings.

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A big decision for Purrley.

PurrleyHe's been invited to live here and be part of our family.


We haven't seen Purrley since last Friday morning.  Violet, Sakhara, Hattie, Starlight, and I have all invited him to become part of the family, but he hasn't shown up to eat.

I've made it as clear as I can to him that he doesn't have to make a commitment to anything.  I made it a very open invitation, and sent love and welcoming thoughts to him.

He asked if he could live in the house, but I had to say no, at least for now.  The very best in feral cat facilities will be provided.

A client and friend of my, Jeannine, has given him some healing sessions to balance his chakras and calm his emotional body.  She and I both feel he's in a crisis point of deciding whether or not to give up on finding his old family and opening to new options.

Meanwhile, in the back yard, the new feral cat buildings have been constructed.  The exact locations have not been set yet, but here are some photos.

Hattie's old feeding station and the new one.Hattie's old feeding station and the new one.

If the new facilities look distorted, that's my fault, as they are perfectly designed and easy to assemble.  With construction going on here today, Hattie had an early breakfast and then took off.  She always does this when someone is working on the house and then she returns at the end of the day when things have settled down.

I'll be interested to see how she reacts to the new structures.

Feral Cat VillaFeral Cat Villa

This beautifully designed cat condo has 2 entrances, a baffle to keep out drafts, and a moderately insulated place for a cat to curl up and be safe and dry and warm.

The roof lifts off for easy cleaning.

It needs a second coat of paint and some adjustments for the 4-5 possible feet of snow that we had last winter.  Or was it 8 feet slightly compressed? I don't remember, but I'm quite sure it will need an overhang so the doorways won't be blocked by the snow and so the air can get in until I can get outside with a snow shovel.  My friend, Dave, who put it together for me, will provide some specially treated plywood to go over the top and overhang the entry-ways.

If you like these feral cat structures and want more information, visit and check them out in more detail.

So now, we wait.

I'm still learning Patience, so I'm being given another lesson in it.

Compassion is also in my personal curriculum:  allowing someone else to decide what's best for them and accepting it without judgment.  I want Purrley to be here, but I have to remain detached and open to whatever happens.  That's the higher way of being and I am getting there, bit by bit.


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  1. Yvonne Tota-Guzman says:

    Nedda, many thanks to you & your furry family for inviting Purrley to live in your yard. I have tho admit Purrley’s situation really tugs at my heartstrings. Prayers for Purrley’s successful integration.

    Would this qualify as a clowder?