Purrley: Family Conference.

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Getting Consensus.

Peaceful Sharing.Peaceful and calm after a big breakfast.

As a professional Animal Communicator, I have the ability to hold telepathic conferences with a group of animals.  So this morning, Hattie, Starlight, Violet, and Sakhara and I all had a family meeting to decide whether to invite Purrley to become a permanent member of our family group.

To catch you up with events here, as of September 8 everything looked peaceful.  Hattie and Purrley seemed relaxed and at home in the yard together.

Scrubbing up.Purrley washing up after breakfast.

Things have changed since then.  Purrley's has begun coming to eat erratically instead of daily.  When he does show up, he's ravenous, and looks too thin and very harried.  He feels desperate.  He still hasn't given up hope that his family will come back for him, although he seems to be on the brink of letting this go.  His emotions are raw, intense, confused, and painful.

Meanwhile, the nights are becoming colder.   We've gone from hot, dry weather to several days of cool rain.  He doesn't seem to know how to hunt very well, which Hattie has confirmed.

The two kits I've purchased, the feral cat feeding station and the feral cat house, have both arrived, but are not yet constructed.  My friend Dave won't be here until Tuesday to put them together.  After hearing the weather report for the weekend, I made a decision.  Between 4 and 5 a.m. on Saturday morning, with Starlight's assistance, I made a temporary shelter for Purrley.  Unfortunately, he hasn't shown up yet to check it out.  It has been rated B+ by the rest of the cats.

Warm, dry, and comfortable place to stay out of the rain.Warm and dry.
Temporary place to stay out of the rain.

When I spoke with Purrley about the shelter, he told me that Hattie had been quite explicit that he wasn't to live in her yard.

Definitely time for a family conference.

This morning (Sunday), we all talked.  In my experience, consensus is necessary for a new addition to the feline family.  Without it, there won't be peace and harmony.  Hattie's decision would seem to be the most important, because she lives in the yard.  However, Violet and Sakhara, the two senior indoor cats, require a peaceful home for good health.  Then there's Violet's belief that she's top cat, while Sakhara actually IS top cat.

You see how it goes?  The feline sociogram here is complex.

Ultimately, in this case, it was Hattie who got the final vote.  She'd be the one welcoming Purrley and spending the most time with him.  She had the most explicit territorial concerns:  about food, living space, hunting, winter toilet facilities, and so on.

The discussion was private, but the end result was what I had hoped for:  a full agreement that Purrley is invited to join the family living outside.

We all told Purrley, individually and together, that he's welcome to live here in an outside facility.  Now he gets to choose.  I hope he chooses us.


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  1. ZoomaPood says:

    This is fascinating. Can’t wait to read what happens next.