Purrley, Abandoned.

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Emotional Trauma Affects Animals

While They Struggle to Survive.

Hattie Cleans Purrley's bowl.Hattie cleans Purrley's bowl.

This morning, Purrley walked away very slowly after breakfast.   He kept stopping, as if uncertain where to go.  This is a big change, as he often leaves at a much faster clip.  He always goes in the same direction, across the side yard, into the street, and up the hill.

Today, I could also hear him meowing as he went.

I keep track of what's going on between Hattie and Purrley to make sure that Hattie feels secure and that Purrley is getting enough to eat.  He has learned that if Hattie takes over his bowl and he's still hungry, there will be food left in her bowl in the feeding station that she allows him to consume.

Listening to him crying, I decided it was time for an Animal Communication chat with Purrley.

NEDDA:  When you left the house this morning after breakfast, you were meowing.  It sounded like you were crying, like you were sad.

PURRLEY:    I am sad.  I miss my family. I don't know why they left me here.  I'm scared a lot of the time, but I'm also missing them.  Sometimes I feel my heart will break apart.

NEDDA:  I'm so sorry, Purrley, that you're family left you.

PURRLEY:    Why would that they do this?  I just don't understand.  I'm a very loving cat.  I wouldn't hurt them.  I never used my claws or bit anyone.  I used the litter box regularly.  Why?  Why?  Why?

NEDDA:  I don't know, Purrley.  I really don't know.  My heart hurts for you.  I wish I could do more than offer you food.

PURRLEY:    [He sighs.]  I wish you could find them for me.

NEDDA:  I don't know how to do that, Purrley.  I'm sorry.  Purrley, you leave my yard every day after you eat.  Why don't you hang out here like you did the first 2 days you were here?

PURRLEY:    Hattie says this is her yard.  It's kind of her to let me eat, but I don't think she wants me living here.

NEDDA:  That might change with time.  In the next week or so, you'll see another feeding station in the yard next to hers.  [I show him a mental image of it.]  Then you'll be able to come and eat and be out of the rain.

PURRLEY:    Good.  Thank you.

NEDDA:  And after that, there will be another small building for a cat to live in.  It has a place to be warm and out of the bad weather.  Right now, Hattie lives under the porch.

PURRLEY:    Yes, I know that.  She's been very clear I'm not to move in under there.

NEDDA:  I was pretty sure she had told you that.  She's been living there for over 8 years now, and I don't think she wants to share it.  But the new building might be a good place for you to live.  You can check it out when it's ready, OK?

PURRLEY:    Yes.  Thanks.

NEDDA:  Winter is coming, and I want you to be able to have a place to be warm and dry and safe.

PURRLEY:    Thank you.

NEDDA:  As I've told you before, Purrley, you are safe in this yard.  You can come here for food and for anything else you need.  I want you to feel welcome here.  Tell me, do you have sharp claws on all 4 of your feet?

PURRLEY:    Yes.  I miss my old scratching post.

NEDDA:  I've seen Hattie use tree trunks to sharpen her claws.  You might give that a try.  And are you hunting successfully?

PURRLEY:    Sometimes.

NEDDA:  Hattie is a very good hunter, but even she isn't always successful.  Are your teeth good?

PURRLEY:    Yes.

NEDDA:  I'm glad to know these things.  A cat needs good teeth and sharp claws to survive outside.  I will help you as much as I can. I know you're afraid of me, but I won't ever chase you away.  Can you tell me why there are some mornings when you don't come for food?

PURRLEY:    Sometimes I find things to eat or I catch something myself.

NEDDA:  I've noticed that when it rains at night, you're never here the next morning.

PURRLEY:  I don't like getting all wet.  So I hide as best I can and then come out when I'm sure it's not going to rain.  And you said I had to come early for breakfast when Hattie eats.

NEDDA:  Yes, I did tell you that you have to come when I feed Hattie.    Just know that I have food for you every morning.  As we get closer to winter, you may need more than just 1 meal a day from me, so please let me know if you need more.  I feed Hattie more when it gets colder, too, so I'll explain later on about all that.

Also, I'm putting some energy and supplements into your food to help you resist parasites, stay calmer, and be more relaxed in the yard.  Since I know now that you're grieving so much, I can add something for that, too.

PURRLEY:    Thank you.  You seem really nice.  The other cats like you and trust you.  I'm just not ready to trust yet.

NEDDA:  That's fine.  You don't need to do anything before you're ready to do it.  Take care hunting, and I'll look for you tomorrow morning at breakfast time.

A few months ago, before Purrley showed up, a woman who lives two streets over from me came to my door to ask if I knew anyone missing a cat.  She showed me a photo on her cell phone of a young female, mostly white with patches of dark tiger.

"This cat is coming to our door crying and trying to get into the house.  We don't have any animals, but we can't take a cat.  I'm leaving for the weekend in a few hours, and I don't know what to do."

I didn't know what to tell her to do.  The cat looked afraid and terribly sad.  The emotional pain of abandonment radiated from her face in the photo.  Since it was very hot and humid out, I suggested she put out a bowl of water, but not offer food if she didn't want the cat to keep coming back to her door.

A few days ago, I saw this cat roaming around on the street where she had been first seen.  I'm not prepared to run a feline sanctuary in my back yard, and I know my indoor cats and Hattie are not ready for me to expand this family again for any reason.

We each incarnate to have experiences.  Life is a journey that includes a wide variety of challenges and lessons.  This is also true for the animals.  So instead of going into judgment about this story, my request to you is this:

Please take a moment from your busy life to send Divine Love from your heart to the humans who have abandoned their animals.  I'm sure these people are hurting as much as their cats are, even if their feelings are buried deep inside them.

Then take another moment to send Divine Love to the all cats who have been left behind.  Just connect with Feline Consciousness in general and send your gift of love.  If you can add some words of encouragement, I'm sure the cats would appreciate it.

Thank you.

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  1. Doug Hagens says:

    I like Purrley. It would be fine if humans were as forthright (I think that’s the word), telling things as they are.