Hattie and Purrley: Breakfast on the Veranda.

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A Few Flower Essences Later

Clean up time.Clean up time!
Hattie Cleans Up.Hattie Cleans Up; Purrley Watches.

The "veranda" in my back yard isn't very fancy, but it does meet the needs of the two semi-feral cats who are coming for breakfast these days.

Purrley has just consumed over 6 ounces of cat food supplemented with some herbs and flower essences to keep pests away and get rid of worms.  I add extra water, too, as I'm not sure where he's getting water to drink.  I also add a teaspoon of chicken fat for extra calories.  Canned cat food isn't made for outdoor cats.  It's made for the pampered pusses we keep inside.

So Hattie is cleaning up the remains of the fat and a few crumbs at the bottom of the dish.  Purrley doesn't leave much.  He's pretty hungry every morning.  He comes regularly now, unless it rains the night before.  Not sure what that means and I haven't asked him yet.  I just have food ready every day.

Purrely cleaning Hattie's dish.
Purrley cleaning Hattie's dish.

Notice the dark grey tail hanging out of the feeding station.

After Hattie has finished cleaning up Purrley's dish, he licks her bowl.  She gets much less food than he does because she's ...

1) better fed than he was to begin with, and

2) a much smaller cat.  Don't let her thick coat fool you.  She probably is about Violet's size (maybe 8 pounds) hidden under her long, thick coat.

I'm giving Hattie extra right now due to ...

1) Preparations for winter - Hattie has begun stocking up on whatever she can catch.

2) This keeps her from stealing Purrley's food - he needs all he can get.  I have no idea how good a hunter he is, although I assume he's doing his best to catch a meal here and there.

Notice Purrley's long, lanky, and slender body.Notice Purrley's long, lanky, and slender body.

Using flower essences with feral and semi-feral cats can make all the difference in helping them be calmer, more relaxed, and less stressed.

Just a few days ago, I started giving Purrley a formula called Feral Cat Comforter. This is a very different combo than Rescue Remedy.   In my experience with Hattie and clients who have cats exhibiting feral cat behaviors, Feral Cat Comforter is far superior to Rescue Remedy for feral cats.

So I'm putting it in both food dishes right now to accelerate their acceptance of each other and Purrley's acceptance of my presence.

Here the the effects I noticed for Purrley:

  • Old Pattern:  He sits under an oak tree near the bird feeder and waits for me to come to the door with food.  As soon as I open the door, he runs and hides in the greenery.  Only after I shut the door and go back inside the kitchen from the porch will he approach his bowl.
  • Day 1Feral Cat Comforter in his food.  After this day, he gets some every morning in his food.  He only comes to eat here once a day, so that's all he's getting - about 10 drops sprinkled all over the top of his meal.
  • Day 2:  He runs to hide after I open the door and step out on the porch.
  • Day 3:  He runs to hide after I open the door, step out on the stoop, and start down the stoop.

You see the new pattern?  Progress!!

With Hattie, I had been feeding her for 4 years every single morning without fail.  She would rub against my legs some mornings as I bent over her feeding station to put in water and food, but wouldn't let me touch her, even when I would sneak one hand down my leg to reach her head.

As soon as I started giving her Feral Cat Comforter, she let me touch the top of her head for a second or two.  We proceeded slowly from there to where I can rub her head and neck, stroke the top of her back, and feel her sides to tell how much meat is on her ribs.  With all her fur, feeling her sides tells me when she needs more food and/or some help with parasites.

Hattie on the stoop after breakfast.Hattie on the stoop after breakfast.

I just love her expression of satisfaction!  Don't you?


5 Responses to “Hattie and Purrley: Breakfast on the Veranda.”
  1. gray steve says:

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  2. ZoomaPood says:

    Would be great if they become good enough friends to keep each other warm during the winter. Perhaps Hatti will teach him to hunt.

    • Hi, ZommaPood. Yes, it would be good if he could hunt more successfully. He says he is hunting a bit, but not doing it so well. He’s just learning how, really … or at least I get that sense from him.

      As for a place to stay warm, I’ll be addressing that in another post. Plans are in the works!

  3. Marie-Jeanne de Lange says:

    Dear Nedda, that’s a great discovery those flower essences you talk about. I’m going to order them right away. Thanks! I work with Bach flowers but these seem to be much more effective. Always nice to read you, I always learn something. (I’ve ten cats at home and two small colonies of strays of about 10 cats each, with several problems where they have to be cared for, health and emotional problems.Love!!!