Establishing Dominance: Hattie and Purrley.

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Territorial Arrangements Underway

Hattie watching Purrley.Hattie watching Purrley.

It's about 6:30 a.m. and Hattie is sitting on top of her feeding station.  She's facing the back of the yard where Purrley is sitting under a maple tree waiting for breakfast to arrive.

Purrley waiting for breakfast.Purrley waiting for breakfast.

Purrley has been sitting in different spots each morning.  Sometimes he's on the back steps.  Other times he's near the edge of the back yard (see the dark green plants behind him).  Other times, he's actually in the woods, hidden from view.

Hattie is on the alert for him, and I can tell that he's there even if I can't see him because of what she's doing.  He doesn't always choose for me to see him or even to sense him.  Like all wise cats, he has a very advanced "stealth mode."

The day Hattie agreed for me to feed Purrley, she refused to eat inside her feeding station.  She wanted to be outside with Purrley.  So I set down their bowls about 10 feet apart.

Hattie went right to the bowl which contained the larger serving.  Hattie is a very small cat, and Purrley is a very huge one.   He needs more food right now, so his serving is nearly twice Hattie's, which I've also increased.

With Hattie at the bowl that was in the spot I had chosen for Purrely, Purrley graciously went to the second bowl.   He finished before Hattie had eaten her full, and wanting more, he went to the other bowl where Hattie was still eating.

Purrley sat there asking to eat, but waiting patiently for Hattie to agree.  Hattie ate until she was full, and then allowed him access to the food.

Hattie explained to me that she was making sure he knew that this was her yard and her food, and that she would share, but only on her terms.  Dominance peacefully expressed.

The next day, Hattie went back to eating inside her feeding station.  Because Purrley accepted her dominance, she no longer challenges Purrley's presence or right to eat in the yard.

For now, all is peaceful and Purrley is getting a very big breakfast every day, as long as he shows up.  He's coming more consistently now.  Hattie is back to her normal routines and not feeling threatened by him.

All's well in the now moment.  When winter comes, things may have to adjust, but I just keep sending out peaceful, loving thoughts that this yard is a safe place for Hattie and Purrley, both.

I'm also putting some flower essences into everyone's food.  Purrley is getting a home-made energy remedy to eliminate parasites and both are getting a formula for eliminating fear and anxiety.

Om shanti, shanti, shanti.  Om peace, peace peace.



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  1. Doug Hagens says:

    I love hearing about Hattie AND Purrley!