Wild Wisdom: Engaging with Our Wild Nature

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Blogging with Anna Breytenbach


Greetings from summery South Africa!

Our teleclass focused on communicating with Nature and getting to know our wild relations – animal, plant or elemental.

To do this sucessfully, we have to put aside our human conditioning to truly know the perspectives of wild beings and see their world through their eyes. Simple, profound truths shine forth from Nature, and we can even be given reflections upon our own inner natures.

I’d gladly welcome any comments or experiences you’d like to share here, and I’m also available to answer any questions you have about applying telepathic communication to wildlife situations.

Thank you,
Anna Breytenbach


9 Responses to “Wild Wisdom: Engaging with Our Wild Nature”
  1. Jennifer says:

    Hello Anna,

    I wasn’t able to be with you last night but I listened to the recording this morning. I can’t tell how I enjoyed what you said about wild animals and how we can communicate with them.

    One year after I had learned ho w to communicate with animals, I tried to communicate with the belugas that live in the Saint Lawrence river in Canada. I noticed that when I didn’t understand what they meant and asked them to repeat or give me more explanation, they wouldn’t do it as if I wasn’t able to tune with them.
    Have you or your beginner students ever had this experience?

    Now that I’m more experienced with communicating with animals, I found that either they are slow to reply to me and, as you said, the interaction doesn’t last long, or I don’t hear their reply.

    Thank you again.

    • AnnaB says:

      Incoming information during a telepathic communication is received at a deep, intuitive level within ourselves – and sometimes takes time to filter up to our conscious minds and then become recognizable in a form our human brains can relate to.
      The incoming messages are in “raw quantum” form and are immediate. Any time lag is not the animal being slow to respond, but our internal “translation process” taking some time due to our mental blocks, distraction or an understandable difficulty in perceiving the messages from an unfamiliar species who view the world very differently than our brains do.

      In general, asking an animal to repeat their “answer” doesn’t result in them doing so – because they know they sent the information just fine the first time 🙂 Yes, interactions with wild animals in particular don’t last long most of the time. However, the good news is that their “answers” are within you; you just can’t perceive the detail yet.

      One good way to handle this situation is to let go of trying. Paradoxical, but true!
      Forced mental effort makes for contracted thinking, not openness. It also runs the risk of our minds inserting some projected information in the ardent quest for answers, instead of being true to what the animal expressed, and hearing that with our heart’s wisdom.

      In letting go of the “trying”, hold your question as a sacred question within yourself, and genuinely trust that the answer will reveal itself later. This may happen at any later stage… perhaps during dream-time, whilst washing the dishes or doing something completely unrelated to animal communication.

      Whilst still in telepathic connection with the animal at the time of the communication, a good way to phrase a search for understanding of what they meant is to ask: “What does that mean to you?” They may not give “explanation” in the cognitive, rational sense (as our human mind would wish for), but we may get further sensings, information and knowings as part of their answer.

      • Jennifer says:

        Thank you, Anna, for your detailed answer.

        Again, I would like to say that your talk was a great way to end year 2012 for the AC Forum. It was really informative and you are a great speaker.

        I would love to join you on the safari one day when my finances permit it.

  2. theweaverhere says:

    I would like to express my deepest gratitude for having been able to hear your voice live, Anna!
    By chance (as these things are 😉 ) I had found a video of you, and had to keep watching it repeatedly. It felt that when listening to you something subtle and yet powerful aligned itself in me.
    Just now, in the live call, this got amplified. It felt like rivers of peace running through all my cells, and steadying something in my heart, leaving me with new colours of hope for mankind..

    I have the uncanny feeling that exactly that is happening to the animals when you communicate with them… <3

    I was so close to touch the key to speak my question, but have never spoken in a global conference like this – so held back silly me!

    Glad here is a way to ask you the question that was burning in my heart:
    can you say anything about the effect wifi and other electro smog has on nature and if yes, how is what/who affected, and what can we do mitigate effect???

    • AnnaB says:

      Thanks for your kind words and feedback. Communicating with animals is all about the heartspace – and it’s there that we meet in unconditional love and full seeing of each other 🙂

      Great question! EMF (electromagnetic frequency) pollution is rampant and definitely affects the navigational abilities of the winged ones – whether that’s bees who struggle to find their hive, or migratory birds who get scrambled and lost. Underwater animals are also affected by boat traffic noise and other factors. Plants too are affected, living in the field of energy that they do and responding to the frequencies all around them.

      Various wild and domestic beings have told me that these EMFs also interfere with the frequencies of some of their physical cells, thus reducing the appropriate flow of life force. This has negative effects on the normally exceptionally good self-healing capacity of animals and plants at times when their health is compromised.
      In these cases, protective intentions are helpful as well as energy healing and also boosting nutrition, etc.

      On a practical level we can help with, for example, interrupted/scrambled navigation by communicating to the animal concerned an alternate manner for them to find their way. For struggling bees, send them mental images of the exact “flight path”/landscape features they should follow to find their hive again.

      A recent example of using telepathy was with a pod of dolphins being hunted in the infamous Taiji cove. Sea Shepherd put out a call to send the dolphins the message to swim “Far, Fast and Deep”. When I did that, the dolphins responded that they understood “Far” and “Fast”, but that they could no longer tell where “Deep” was. This was because the bangers and clangers the hunters use scramble the echolocation of the dolphins, confusing them.

      With that feedback from the dolphins, I quickly revised my message: I asked them to lift their eyes above the ocean surface so they could see, and to orient themselves with the landmass *behind* them and open horizon in *front* of them… and to swim in that direction. Which the dolphins did – and for the next two weeks the hunters came back empty-handed each day 🙂

      • theweaverhere says:

        Thank you so much for your in depth answer. Yes, to have confirmed here
        ” that these EMFs also interfere with the frequencies of some of their physical cells, thus reducing the appropriate flow of life force.” fills me with such sadness…

        Right now the task is on for me to apply the learning you advised today in the teleclass to learn how to listen ‘like a clean slate’ (as I would call it). I find that worrying gets much in the way of my hearing and sending messages. I like what you said about not battling the fixed thoughts or expectations but leaving them in back ground and go beyond. The Sedona emotional release method has been very helpful for me in my human relations, methinks it will serve well to apply it in the context of my communications with nature, esp when there is a lot of interference about (noise, emotions), and dulls my sensing/receiving of what is really needed.
        What a story with these dolphins! We need lots more folks who can be stationed round the world to advise whales and dolphins where and how to swim! One needs to be very practical and quick minded too, such as your revised message shows!!

        As I am sitting here and listening, am just wondering, re the EMFs, albeit the plants and animals are affected by it, could it also be that there could be plants, and stones (minerals) as well as animals, which can help us to diffuse or even transform the negative affects…?
        It took me a long time to get wifi in the house (and I kept seeing that little bluetit in front of my inner eyes… still not sure what it was about…) .. and now I am having a mild form of tinnitus, which might be the result of being exposed to more and more EMFs. …. and right now it is quite strong after all the phone calls on my cordless phone I had today 🙁
        Right, am off drinking water (thank you water!), and doing some singing that helps….

        Once more, many many thanks for you being here on the planet now, and for your time and being today. There is so much now to re-member from what you said… the earth healing song of the elephants and the whales/dolphins especially echoes on right now….

        Thank you…. Bright midwinter solstice sunrise and starlight blessings to your deep midsummer sun song down under..