Animal Communication: Develop Your Ability With Practice

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There is no short cut to communicating accurately with animals.

Like learning any new have to put in the practice! An athlete or dancer only becomes an exceptional athlete or dancer through focused dedication to their craft and countless practice sessions to hone their skill. The same is true when learning the subtle art of intuitive, telepathic communication with animals. Put in the effort and you reap the rewards.

This is why I offer you a practice class where you can put in the practice and reap the rewards. A session where there is no pressure of end result, no need to be right, you can just surrender to the grace of the animals and open your heart in a willingness to share this special connection.

Here are some tips on 3 quite common blocks.

Block 1 -- Too much monkey chatter, no focus, lack of concentration.

  • Really enter the silence.
  • Use your breath as a meditation.
  • Bring all of your awareness to your breathing.
  • Every in breath and every out breath.
  • Count each breath in and out as 1, then continue until you reach 10.
  • If you find your mind drifts and you are thinking about something else, begin again at 1.
  • This is actually harder than it sounds and is excellent discipline into focused awareness.

Block 2 -- Trying Too Hard

  • This occurs when there is too much focus on achieving, rather than BE-ing.
  • You find yourself too much in your mind and need to shift your focus to your heart.
  • Move your focus by adopting an attitude of gratitude.
  • It will achieve a shift in consciousness to one of receiving.
  • By feeling gratitude, your heart will automatically open.

Block 3 -- Lack of Trust

  • Often the ego will come in and sabotage.
  • Adopt 3 buzz words that will help you trust your ability to communicate.
  • Create 3 words, the very first words to come to you, words that are important to you and will empower your communications.
  • Write them down, stick them on your mirror, on your fridge, wherever you do your communications.
  • And when you have a wobble, when you think you can't do it, look at those 3 words and start over again.

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