Animals and the Development of Human Consciousness

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Blogging with Irene Bras - van Leeuwen


In her program, Irene shared with us the 4 Keys that enable us to live in freedom and to experience Oneness:

  1. staying free of judgment
  2. taking responsibility from free will
  3. the power of our thoughts
  4. living from the heart

Feel free to comment here if you have questions about this program, or about Irene's perspectives on healing for and with animals.  If you'd  like to share your own healing experiences with her, Irene would love to read about them. Irene is very interested in healing mediums such as flower and other essences and crystal skulls.

As a special gift to those who attended this program or listened to this recording, Irene is offering a session at a 25% discount if you schedule before November 1, 2012.  Please email your request to Irene at and mention her cat’s name “Violet” to receive the discount.

Irene lives in The Netherlands, which is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Time in the US and 9 hours ahead of Pacific Time.  Therefore, it may take her a bit longer to respond than if she lived in the Western Hemisphere.  Thank you.




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