Iridology for Animals

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Blogging with Georgina Cyr

Iridology is an amazing system for reading the iris of the eye to identify and understand health problems.  Iridology can help animals with:

  • Intestinal and Digestion Problems
  • Inflammation and Pain
  • Allergies and skin/coat conditions
  • Unusual sudden reactivity to their environment or other animals
  • Genetic predisposition to health issues

If you have questions or comments about my program on Iridology for Animals, please post them here.  Thank you.

Georgina Cyr


4 Responses to “Iridology for Animals”
  1. Julie says:

    Hi Georgina,

    I listened to the call last night, and really enjoyed it. I have had iridology reading for myself, and found them to be accurate. So glad it is now expanding to other species. I do have a current concern with my 12.5 yr old dog, whose left pupil turned maroon and can no longer see the iris. I will go to your website and schedule an appt.

    Thank you,


  2. ccsnow says:

    Both of my dogs have very black irises and I cant distinguish between the pupil and the iris. What do you do in this case?

  3. georgina says:

    You are so Welcome !! I am so glad you enjoyed the call. Iridology is such a benefit to identify what genetic potential health issues there may be in an animals body. It can also identify what is currently happening in the tissues of the body, regarding function such as digestion, intestinal function, joints, ligmaments, systems and organ function.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Hi Georgina,

    Thank you so much for this interesting teleclass! Iridology seems so powerful and a valuable complement to regular diagnoses.