Animal Communication: Learning to Listen

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Blogging with Nedda Wittels

How well you listen to other humans is directly connected to how well you listen to animals.

Therefore, I urge you to evaluate how well you listen to other humans as a step towards improving your ability to listen to animals.  You can evaluate your current listening skills by using the questions at How Good a Listener Are You?

You can become a better listener – even an excellent listener – if that's what you choose to be.

Here are 10 qualities, skills, and attitudes you need to be a good listener, whether you are conversing with an animal or a human

  1.  Learn to sense the emotional content of a message, even when the person communicating it is not using feeling language.
  2.  Acknowledge the speaker’s feelings.
  3. Manage your own discomfort so that you can listen to the uncomfortable feelings of others.
  4.  Have patience.  Let the speaker tell their story in their own way.
  5. Stop multi-processing.  Give full attention to the speaker.  Turn off the TV, radio, and cell phone, and other electronic devices.
  6. Don’t offer advice unless advice is requested.  Listening is not advising.
  7. Suspend your own needs until the speaker’s needs have been met.
  8. Don’t be thinking about your response while the other is speaking.
  9. Show respect to the speaker by clearing your mind of all preconceived notions of what the speaker is going to say.
  10. Put aside your own agenda.  Many times we start a conversation with someone because there is something we want to accomplish.

We don’t have to agree with someone to be a good listener.  We don’t have to fix the speaker’s situation.

What we do have to do is to make space within ourselves to hear what someone else wants to say, to move out of judgments, and to be fully present.

Please post your comments and questions.  Thank you.

Nedda Wittels

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