Tracking Lost Animals

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Blogging with Jacquelin Smith

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Have you had a missing animal experience?

Were you able to find your animal on your own, or did you find your animal with the help of an Animal Communicator professional?

If you would like to share you experiences, please comment here.


5 Responses to “Tracking Lost Animals”
  1. Elaine says:

    Hi Betsy-

    Yes, I too have had a few similar situations with clients. And mostly when starting out and as Jacquelin so perfectly said, “I let them know that I cannot guarantee anything….I set clear boundaries with people.” This is absolutely two of the most important things to abide by. Even more so than having them sign a consent form. Clearly state these things and the number and types of checkins involved in each session and I can pretty much guarantee you there will be very, very few angry people.

    With regards to your question about receiving information in symbolic terms, I have had this happened to me on several occasions, but that is not my “typical” means of receiving information. I tend to receive in actual, visual, and physical/energetic terms. But definitely have gotten the symbolism. One time, a very good client of mine in Denmark had a family cat go missing. I dowsed and got the areas that she went in really pretty accurately. Then a couple of days later I saw her go up several steps to a church. I described the church. My client said yes. There was a church nearby that looked like that. She went there but did not find the cat. Another day or so went by and she looked more closely at areas I had dowsed. In the beginning I had the cat trapped in a concrete area, I felt perhaps a basement. It felt like a large box to me and her struggling, not breathing well. This particular neighbor was not friendly so my client never went into their yard then. When she did on that day finally, she found her kitty in the half filled pool and the little sweetie was trying to get up on the sides and out, but could not and drowned. This being a good client of mine, and also a gifted healer herself, luckily she understood how energy, and communication works. That it is not always as precise as we would like it to be. Sadly, they had another cat a few years before die in that very same pool and the neighbor never drained it, always kept it half filled even though they asked him to do so as it was a danger.

    So, yes. I believed then and now that my visual of the steps leading up to the church was symbolism and this how it came to me via the kitty that she was now deceased and “with God”. We have to understand that so much of our upbringing, and life experiences will play into our interpretations and even symbolism when working with lost pets. It can be draining work, and we do not always have the outcome that we all so very much want. But it can be the most rewarding. If you feel this to be a part of your own gift, I urge you to stay with it.

    Thank you this was an interesting question.

    Elaine DeCarlo

    • janeewalker says:

      Hi Elaine!
      Do you remember the lost black dauschund JAKE that you helped me with in October 2007? We were on the AC group on Yahoo at that time. You were terrific and did not give up. You selflessly gave your time and energy trying to help us find sweet Jake.

      We were out looking every day for the whole month of October. Jake was eventually found Oct. 31 through our newspaper advertising and word of mouth. The place he was found looked EXACTLY as you had described to us -there was an above ground pool, a little candle shop, an older retired gentleman. The problem was that it was 17 miles away from where Jake lived. You also said that the husband was responsible and that was all too true. The husband had had him dumped out in the “country.”

      Again, thank you so much for your help back then. I have been involved in several lost animal cases. Several were found, including my own cat (back around 2003 or so). Good to “see” you again, Elaine!

      • Elaine says:

        Oh, Jane!!

        I am so happy to hear from you again. Keep in touch, please! YOU were wonderful. So selflessly helping others in anyway that you could. I am so happy Jake was found. I remember being really upset (I know, not a good thing, but I am human!), that one practicing animal communicator kept saying he went off and just wanted to die and kept telling her this. I kept saying.. no, no..He did not tell me that and this is what he is showing me! He says that he wants to be found! At least now I know that my adamantly believing in what I was receiving and telling her that I felt she was wrong (lol), was the truth. That is most satisfying. Yes, the AC group, it was a great place to volunteer and practice even if I mostly did it under a “pseudonym”.

        Blessings, Elaine

  2. Nedda says:

    I’m a Reiki Master practitioner that specializes in Animal Reiki. Within the past year and a half I’ve done a number of my work with lost animals. I’ve had some amazing ‘rescue’s with the work I’ve done and others not as successful.

    What do you recommend for someone like myself starting out in this work? I find sometimes I have amazing connections and other times not able to really verify. Some dogs just stay missing or running free. It is hard to help the owner understand that they are paying for my service and not the return of their animal. I have an Informed Consent form I now have them agree to via email but have you always had successful cases or some that have proved to be a learning experience for you?

    Also I had a lost dog that I worked with recently where when I tried to connect, energetically I felt a block. I was guided to a totally different area than other psychic or animal communicators were. When I started over after working 2 days I then felt guided to a particular area. The owner even could verify a few things that I ‘saw’ but a lot was symbolic and even saw black horses running at me with a carriage which have never proven to be a good sign. About 2 days later I thought the dog was going to be in a certain spot…turns out he never came to the owner. That night I had car lights flash in my eyes (my eyes were closed) and saw an image of the dog’s head in the lights…I felt he had been hit…when I shared this with the owner and the fact that his energy when I sent him Reiki felt different to me she became very angry at me, demanding I spend more time and that I had no accurate information and owed her more. I had actually given her about 6 times of what she paid for not counting the time before I started over. Have you ever had someone get mad at you with not finding their animal and how do you handle it? I just kept explaining to her and finally told her she needed to work with someone else. She later emailed me about 2 weeks ago that a dog looking like her dog was brought to her and that I was wrong I had seen this dog…I once again explained that they were two different dogs and I wouldn’t have tapped into one that died a month and a half later.

    This work is definitely not for the faint of heart…sometimes I really love it and other times it’s really frustrating…plus with each one I learn and learning on the job in this type of work and still providing good service to the customer isn’t always easy.

    Healing Energy for Animals and People
    “It is through the unconditional love of animals that we learn what it means to be human(e).”

    • Nedda says:


      Hello Betsy,

      Locating lost animals is certainly not an exact science and that is what I share with people before I begin a consultation with them. I let them know that I cannot guarantee anything but will do my best to find their beloved animal companion. I set clear boundaries with the people I work with in terms of time and what they are paying me for. This way, they understand what the boundaries are with this work.

      One learns through doing. So, if you have had a number of successes with locating lost animals, why not continue to do the work. You may even want to practice (not charging a fee) with some lost animals in order to sharpen your skills. This way you can continue to learn when you are “on” and when you’re not on. For me, I always get a “gut” feeling when I’m on and when
      I’m not, and I really pay attention to that, but it might work differently for you.

      Personally, I do not receive messages in symbolic ways from animals. When I track an animal, everything I see from them is literal, so I really don’t have any comment when it comes to seeing symbolically.

      Thanks for your question.
      Jacquelin Smith