Surviving the Changes: Forward to Basics for the New Era

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When we embrace the sacred, we can improve our standard of living through a change in values, help a  smoother sailing through the earth changes,  and leave a lighter footprint, ensuring a better tomorrow.

Perhaps it is time to embrace some of the old ways in a modern context.  Here are some examples:

  • Community gardens.
  • Neighbourhood gatherings.
  • Making time for more meaningful pursuits like self-expression.
  • Spending more time with loved ones including your animals.
  • Growing your own food.
  • Having your own water tanks.
  • Having extra candles, medical supplies, matches,  torches (flashlights) and food supplies on hand.
  • Reducing your dependence on the energy grid and the whims of the weather, and
  • Embracing a more vegan lifestyle for all the family for a future of peace.

What other small changes can you make today to thrive in these exciting but uncertain times?  Please share you ideas here.

Your questions are also welcome.

Billie Dean
Wild Pure Heart Productions

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