Animal Communication and Tellington TTouch:

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A Multidimensional Perspective

by Cathy Wells


Tellington TTouch has brought a hands on, physical level component to my animal communication practice that enhances my connection to both the animal and human client. It offers a broader spectrum of possibilities to help enhance learning, behavior, performance, health and well-being, and deepens the connection between animals and their human.  Combining the multi-sensory experience of telepathic communication with the biological aspects of Tellington TTouch opens the opportunity for expanded awareness and alignment.

Being able to have specific techniques I can show my human clients to do with their animals after our sessions expands and builds on the telepathic connection.  It brings the emotional/mental dimension to a physical level and grounds and stabilizes it.  It also empowers and confirms for my client their relationship with their animal.

I welcome your questions and comments and look forward to hearing from you.

Blessings and light,
Cathy Wells


4 Responses to “Animal Communication and Tellington TTouch:”
  1. Jane says:


    I have been wondering if and how you apply TTouch for physical problems, such as digestive problems in cats. Are there specific techniques for specific problems in specific animal species?


    • Cathy Wells says:

      Hi Jane,

      What a great question. The simple answer is yes, there are specific techniques for specific issues in both animals and people. The basic premise and techniques are the same for everyone, however they are modified depending on the size of the animal and body type. There are a couple of circular touches, such as clouded leopard, that are used most often and can be used in any situation. One that is very helpful for digestive issues in cats (as well as all other animals) is called the Belly Lift. Belly lifts can be done using either your hands or a towel. Belly lifts reduce stress, relieve cramps, ease tension, relax the stomach muscles, deepens breathing and helps with digestion problems. I have used belly lifts successfully to keep my horses from colicing.

      I highly recommend Linda’s book “Getting in TTouch with Your Cat”. It is full of pictures demonstrating the techniques with a clear and uncomplicated description of how to do them. It’s a great resource and if you are interested in working with TTouch and cats it should be in your library. We usually combine touches when working with an animal, so that some of them are area specific and others work overall on relaxing and calming the body. If you’d like to contact me via my website I can give you some suggestions on how to work on your cat.


  2. Jennifer says:

    Hello Cathy,

    Your teleclass was very interesting. Some years ago I attended a TTouch workshop in Europe but didn’t get the information you provided yesterday. I wish I could attend one of your workshops in the States. And, Vermont is such a beautiful state.

    After your talk, I felt I could use TTouch again on my animals. Thank you for that.

    Jennifer, France

    • Cathy Wells says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you so much for your response. Our world of time and space is changing so radically. I find myself responding to information I got in years past in another way now – maybe it’s where I am in my journey and maybe it’s just time for that information to come forth. Bless yourself and give yourself a hug that perhaps now is the time for you to embrace this kind of information. Tellington TTouch is very grounded in Europe – look for classes in England and Switzerland in particular. And of course we would love to have you come to VT and contribute all you have to offer. Let me know if that would be possible for you.

      loving light and blessings,