The Owl’s Corner, Oct. 2011 – Animal Departures

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Are animals leaving the Earth is larger numbers these days?

And is there a special significance in this?


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Nancy asks:

I am not sure what to make of this. I value your opinion and wonder what your thoughts are.

I find many of the animals are leaving this planet. My clients and myself have lost more than what I would think is normal.

I have lost 3 beloved animal family members in 12 5 days ago, very suddenly and unexpectedly.

Of course, Skye left us last August, but as you may remember, she was very clear that she was here working on the earth grids for 14 years.

Thanks for your input.


One Response to “The Owl’s Corner, Oct. 2011 – Animal Departures”
  1. bigcaat says:

    First of all, I want to tell you how sorry I am for your losses. 🙁

    I cannot claim to understand why, but I do want to confirm that I, in my practice, as well, have seen this. Just in the past few months, I’ve had an unusual amount of clients with pets passing, many completely unexpectedly and sudden…in odd ways, as well.

    It could be the energetic shift of 2012, or it just may be the cycle of things. I know there have been other times I’ve noticed similar cycles, but just not quite as pronounced. (Or at least to my best recollection.)

    Again, I’m so sorry for your losses. Sending you good thoughts and blessings.

    Lisa Larson