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Manifesting the Multidimensional Aspects of Your Animals

by Leiah Bowden


You can use the Lightspeak Energy Portrait multidimensional technique to better understand the potential any being has to live more joyfully and in greater balance.

This is a skill, not a special gift.  Therefore, you can learn to create these yourself.  As an intuitive skill, the most important quality it requires is trusting oneself.

Please share your experiences creating your own LightSpeak Energy Portrait during our teleclass or when you listened to the recording of my program.

If you have questions about your portrait, you can ask them here for the next two days.

Thank you.
Leiah Bowden

For additional information and if you’re interested in knowing more, please email Leiah at!


As announced during the live call and on the recording, Leiah is offering the following specials to those on the call and those who listen to the recording of her program. 

These  offers are good until  October 21, 2011.


One Animal Communication session -  at the discounted rate of $10 for the first 15 minutes, $1 for each additional minute.

-- ALSO --

Purchase a CD of “The Rainbow Dance” for the special low price of $5 ( 2/3 off the regular price  ) + $3 shipping in the USA (additional shipping charges apply outside the US).

“The Rainbow Dance” is the basis of the guided visualization Leiah gave during the class.   It is described here:


One Response to “LightSpeak Energy Portraits . . .”
  1. Leiah says:

    Good morning! Thank you to all who attended the teleclass yesterday. To hear the silence on the air after our guided visualization through the rainbow told me that you were all deep in the peace — albeit, sometimes, a chaotic peace, if there is such a thing — of the beautiful, radiant being who came to you in some way. Or maybe you had fallen asleep — it sometimes happens!

    Thanks especially to Jane for her in-depth questions and comments about the energy of sound.

    I offer you this affirmation to use if it feels right:
    I AM the sound of the Eternal.

    Thanks to Louise Hay for this method: If, when you say or think this affirmation, you hear or sense an objection, acknowledge it, then repeat the affirmation again. You may need to change the affirmation ever so slightly to accommodate a persistent objection, but keep at it until there is no more objection, but a resounding Yes!

    Blessings to all.