The Owl’s Corner #2, Sept. 2011 – The Hunt

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Hunting is still a way of life for many humans. Is there a way to hunt for our food and still honor the animals?

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Emily asks:

I'm interested in hunting this year and I want to get a turkey and a deer. I have the book Animal Voices and I looked at it a bunch, but I guess my question is this:

If I ask the animal if I can use his/her body,
how will I know what the answer is?

I'm also looking into a sort of Native American way of honoring their spirit and body before and after the hunt.

I guess, to answer my own question, would be for me to just honor the animal and trust my intuition.

I've never hunted before but I would like to experience it.

I'm wondering if you had any thoughts or ideas about the process of respecting/honoring the animal.


LightSpeak Energy Portraits . . .

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Manifesting the Multidimensional Aspects of Your Animals

by Leiah Bowden


You can use the Lightspeak Energy Portrait multidimensional technique to better understand the potential any being has to live more joyfully and in greater balance.

This is a skill, not a special gift.  Therefore, you can learn to create these yourself.  As an intuitive skill, the most important quality it requires is trusting oneself.

Please share your experiences creating your own LightSpeak Energy Portrait during our teleclass or when you listened to the recording of my program.

If you have questions about your portrait, you can ask them here for the next two days.

Thank you.
Leiah Bowden

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The Owl’s Corner, Sept., 2011 – Spider in the Spider Plant

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What Do You Do When
You Want to Move a Plant Inside
and Someone Has a Nest In it?

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Nedda asks:

"I was given a lovely spider plant last spring which I left outside on my stoop all summer.  It has been very happy there and has grown lush.  It has also put out many stems with flowers that will all turn into more spider plants.

"Just before Hurricane Irene arrived in New England, I took the plant inside hoping to start adjusting it to indoor life in preparation for winter.  I noticed that a few of the leaves were stuck together, and when I tried to move them apart, I found a very large spider living in the plant.  She gave me quite a "dirty look" because the sticky stuff was her nest of eggs.  She was hanging out there to protect her babies.

"My response at that point was to tell her that I didn't mean her or her babies any harm and would put the entire plant back outside, which I did immediately.

"Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Lee have both come and gone, and the plant remains on my front stoop.  The spider is still there, too.

"The thing is that I do want to bring this plant into the house for the winter, and maybe permanently.  I've told the spider this and asked her if there is any way she can move her nest of babies, but she says there isn't.

"So I feel stuck and I need some advice.  I would like to find a mutually harmonious solution with respect to the spider and her offspring.  But I really don't want hundreds of spider babies born inside my house from this very large nest."

"What can I suggest to the spider that might save her babies and still allow me to take the plant indoors for the winter?

"Thanks for all ideas and suggestions."