Animal Journey’s: End of Life and Beyond

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Blogging with Georgina Cyr

The animals that I have worked with want us to know that they are trying to help us to learn about death. They do not think of it as the end of life. It is the Spirit in transition.

They are trying to help us to lose the fear surrounding death. They are gently assisting us to be more open and aware and asking us to allow ourselves to peek into that realm with trust and love.

Our love for them opens our hearts and they gently take us to places where we may have been afraid to go previously. When they need to leave their bodies permanently, they try to prepare us; they hold us in Love and say “Look… I am not afraid… I know that this is just change, a new place.”

Please respond with your comments and questions.

Thank you,
Georgina Cyr

You are invited to read more of the animals messages about their Journey Through End of Life and beyond.

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14 Responses to “Animal Journey’s: End of Life and Beyond”
  1. jetblackcatfan says:

    Dear Georgina,
    Enjoyed your tele class very much, thank you for talking to us. I have a question about pets that have had more than 1 home. Do you believe that our pets will be there to greet us when we pass over, and what if they had a home before they came into our life, who do they end up with in the afterlife?? Do we share them with their previous caretakers?

    Also, I had a cat who had inoperable cancer and when he became quite ill, I had the vet euthanize him, he was so cooperative about it all, and I felt that maybe he didn’t know what was about to happen, do you think they know what is going on even if you don’t tell them?


    • georgina says:

      In my experience, each relationship we have carries special significance and some much stronger than other. It all depends on the relationship you have with the animal as to whether you are meant to be just casual friends for the period of time together or if you have a very deep bond. Whenever there is a deep bond the animal usually is there to greet a loved one when they pass. This seems to be true of humans as well… when there is a special relationship or especially someone who needs to connect with another’s energy for spiritual reasons they are often there to greet them.
      In the case of animals with more than one home, the animals will greet each person they feel close to whether it was in one home or many homes. In the afterlife, or “Heaven” each spirit has the ability to be wherever they want whenever they want and also to be in more than one location at once, so there are no boundaries as to what is possible.

      Regarding your cat, yes they nearly always know things that are about to happen. There is so much documentation about animal knowing about earthquakes before they happen. Sometimes they are aware of what is happening if it is important, and sometimes they get busy and don’t pay attention. But spiritually they are always in tune in what their spiritual purpose is, so in that sense yes his spirit was at peace with the process and understood what was happening.

  2. Bev Szymanski says:

    Hi Georgina,

    Do you believe there are any accidental transitions into spirit or if the being does transition, that it was meant to be? I believe that it’s possible for an ego/personality to disagree with it’s soul’s decision when to transition, do you know of any souls who truly felt they transitioned before they were ready?

    What is your opinion of “coincidences”? Do you believe they occur or have the circumstances been coordinated by the universe/God and we haven’t recognized it?

    Thank you for passing this information to us from the animals, they have so much to teach us!

    With Love and Light,

    Bev Szymanski

    • georgina says:

      In my experience I believe they nearly always know things that are about to happen. Sometimes they are aware of what is happening if it is important, and sometimes they get busy and don’t pay attention. But spiritually they tell me they are always in tune in what their spiritual purpose is.

      I do think that there can be a struggle and where there is a struggle within the ego or personality and the spirits understanding the purpose, it is often when the ego or personality feels they have not accomplished what they came for or are not ready to let go of their humans and so they in a sense argue with the spirit.

      I believe that we have a part in creating our own reality and that it blends with the realities that those close to us are creating so it is a mix of what might look like coincidences. I think we are playing out the majority of our purpose and others who have agreed to help us in our path play a role too.

      This would include living, non living, angels, and the like.
      So I don’t really believe in pure coincidence , but I also think there are more energies involved that we often think there are.

  3. Margot says:

    My dog witnessed a bird hunt once. After I had forgotten this incident he demonstrated a fear of gun shots and I asked him why, how did he know what gun shots were all about. He showed me the picture of the bird hunt and how the birds continued to fly in spirit as their bodies began to fall to earth. He said he was not ready to leave his body just yet.

    Am trying to explain that hunters shoot only at particular animals but he seems to think its a random thing and that if we go close, he is in danger. At the same time though he is very matter of fact about death.

    We lost our cat recently, who was a great communicator. She was a violent cat with a lot of rage. She told me she did not mind dying because her body had been hurt when she was young (she came to me from a shelter) and it made her unable to control her anger, or her love for that matter. Play always went way too far. She said she wanted to come back in a better body and she has.

    I love her in her new body but cant wait until she starts talking to me like the original cat did. She did not really start until she was a year old and this is still a few months away for my new kitten.

    • georgina says:

      Dear Margot,
      I understand about your dog being worried about gun shots, and yet not having a fear of death. It feels to me that what he is more concerned about is the violent way that the bird left their bodies. Even though he understands that death is nothing to fear, he would not like to be “shot” out of his body in that way. Although I am understand that there is hunting with compassion. I feel the same way 🙂

      Regarding your cat, I have spoken to many animals who are at peace with leaving their physical body especially so after being in an abusive situation, and yes sometimes they simply cannot let go of the emotions such as anger or fear. She was very blessed to be able to live with you, someone who understands why she is the way she is. I am sure that in her new cat body she will learn to speak soon 🙂

  4. Jeanne says:

    Hi Georgina,
    I have been wondering about the following since 1970:
    My family’s dog, Sammie, (a Samoyd) followed my friend and I riding double on her horse to the neighbors. Sammie was in the ditch and came out just as a semi truck passed us going the other direction. My friends horse kicked him in the chest, I got down and reached him before he died. I saw that he was going and yelled “Sammie”, he came out of his death (he had the most beautiful expression on his face) to see what I wanted, but I had nothing to say and he looked annoyed and died. 
    Of course I have had great guilt and sadness that I interfered with his passing. Did he make it over? How do you know? What would the animal kingdom have to say about this? 
    Thanks for your thoughts,

  5. georgina says:

    One of the reasons that we humans experience such pain in the loss of a pet is because the love we hold for them is so great. We do not become aware of our love and how great it is until we experience the loss of that which we grow the love for.

    Once we lose the target for that huge love, we are forced to look for another way to share this love because of the emptiness we feel when they go. We start to search.

    Each animal that comes into our lives helps us to grow more in our search of our own spirits purpose.

    Bless the animals…. in body and without 🙂

    • Linda says:

      Yes it is so true that we do want to connect with our spirit ones to learn from them and experience the new Love we now see within ourselves. Louie gave me my ability to express my feelings and trust my intuition. The night he died my spirit left me as I was on my way to see him, I missed the exit and turned around in a panic to meet with him already left his body within those few minutes late. When I came back earlier that day to check on him I made sure he was placed in oxygen,I remember how he closed his eyes to say thank you,let me go, I am tired, with an understanding that our love was strong enough to let it be. I had faith he was going to be better but his body wasnt. I only wanted him to know that I hope to meet with him in a higher realm. Communicating with him in spirit naturally will be a gift from him when it is right for us because my heart pulls for him. I just hope that if everyone around the world together opens their hearts at the exact same time to raise the vibration on the planet that this special love would heal everyone and their beloved spirit ones by sending this Love how strong would that be? Thank You Nedda & Georgina.

      • georgina says:

        Yes that would be wonderful… the animals say that our heart is not broken, it is open. They say that when someone you love leaves physically, it allows the heart to open, and that allows more love in if we allow it.
        So many times we try to close our hearts after a loss, because we actually feel that it is ripped open. The Spirits do not understand why we try so hard to close something that they worked so hard to open.

        They say that we tend to live the physical life not allowing our hearts to flow. We try to protect ourselves and keep our hearts shut off. The animals work very hard to open our hearts to allow them in, and when our heart takes them in… then the heart is full. We hang on, trying to keep it stopped in that feeling.

        They say everything needs to flow or it becomes stagnant and dies.

        Beings need to move in and out of our hearts to help us to learn to flow so that we can experience love in all of its forms.

        • Linda says:

          What does that mean (to move in and out) of our hearts helping us to flow so we may experience love from them in all spirit forms?? Linda

        • Linda says:

          What does that mean (to move in and out) of our hearts? Linda

          • Linda says:

            Please except my apologies for the misunderstanding for now I see that when my heart is in Spirit and when my Heart is with my physical/mental highest good energy we can move to other places.

          • georgina says:

            🙂 It is interesting that you came up with your own answer.
            Everything you feel in your heart is your hearts truth.

            In this case what I was referring to is that the animals fill our hearts with love and when they or any loved one leaves us, it feel like our hearts are empty. We feel the emptiness and the pain we feel in that emptiness , encourages us to fill our hearts again with love, and that is most easily done by offering love to another who returns that love to us and fills our hearts with love again.

            It is the filling of the heart with love that allows us to share this love with others… and when all hearts are full of love they more easily give it to others who need Love.

            As we give the love away it empties a bit of the love from our heart so that we may be open to receiving love from another and so we have this exchange of love passing back and forth in and out of our hearts filling the universe with a pulsating Love