The Owl’s Corner #2, July 2011 – Neighbor’s Dog

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What Do You Do When
You Are Concerned About Some Else's Animal?

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Crystal asks:

What do you do if you are concerned about a neighbour's dog?

Our neighbours have a newish puppy. They seem to have some idea of training and have had dogs before. They obviously care a lot for her and spend as much time with her as they can and walk her regularly. She is not left alone that often as they work from home a fair bit, but when she is left she barks constantly, although she doesn't seem a barky dog when they are with her.

I've let them know she barks when she's left but they seem to not be doing anything about it and their only response seems to be to get a dog walker to take her out more often, presumably to try and tire her out!! So she is being looked after and walked by different people all the time and I wonder if this is confusing her.

I visited the house the other day and the energies in there seemed very tense and strained and the pup looked up at me, trying to communicate as if she was feeling quite stressed and unhappy.

In the last week she has twice run out of the front door and into the road, she could easily have got run over - I don't like to think this, but I am wondering if she was trying to "leave".

Would it be effective to send her some kind of re-assurance and comfort telepathically, and if so what would anyone suggest.

Strangely, this is second neighbour in this house who has had a dog that barked when left alone in the house. Could they be sensing some kind of "presence" in the house that unnerves them?

Thanks for your help.


One Response to “The Owl’s Corner #2, July 2011 – Neighbor’s Dog”
  1. Nasha66 says:

    Ask owners, they usually know what is best fot their own dog, for the second question you would ask the dog itself, only they can tell you