Ascension Messages from Animals, Nature and the Fae

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The animals all hold many gifts for us. They have entertained us, given us love, fed us, carried us on their backs, kept us warm, provided us with company and are the keepers of much wisdom and guidance for us.

But what do we give back?

There is a saying that I heard – that the white man is the one who comes empty handed. And it is true that in the culture that I am from we have forgotten how to give back, not those followers of the old ways, but the new ones -- the new generations.

The Celts would always offer milk and bread or oats to the fae, and I have seen how Mother Earth loves a gift of oats in exchange for apples or berries I have picked. And also just to give back.

Can you offer a gift to Mother Earth for what she gives us?

And what do you think you could give the animals who share your home – as a gift for everything they give you? What gifts could you give to all the animals who have been enslaved by us for so long?

How can we grow up as a human species and how can we turn around our people centered life, to a more balanced life in harmony with all species?

These are some thoughts to think on, and I would welcome you sharing your thoughts on how we humans can give back to our Mother and all our relations.

In Peace and Divine Love
Billie Dean

"Deep peace for all species."


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9 Responses to “Ascension Messages from Animals, Nature and the Fae”
  1. billie dean says:

    Hi Katurah
    I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your beautiful animal kin. As I teach, there are no accidents and it was probably time for your beloved to cross and help you from the other side. Animals who can choose their own death without drugs are free to fly to the fifth dimension, where they help us from the other side.

    So make an altar to Sammy, and when you can, start thinking of all the good times you had together. The big message I get from all of the animals is to celebrate their life. In celebration we raise our vibration. And this is important to do — so hard when we are grieving – but I hope one day soon you will be able to. In the meantime, nurture yourself and be kind to yourself. It’s never easy to lose a beloved.


  2. keturah says:

    I’ve just lost my lovely cat Sammy. She as killed by a car outside my home 2 days ago. She was the light of my life and I feel dead inside. I had her after I had a hysterectomy and not being able to have any children she was my child.
    I feel desperate to get her back but I know how difficult it is finding reincarnated pets. We lost a boy cat Tyson 3 years ago and tried unsuccessfully to find him. I really need some help. I live in the UK, and there isn’t many animal communicators around here.

  3. billie dean says:

    Thanks for sharing Linda — thank you for your heart felt thoughts!

  4. billie dean says:

    Hi jetblackcaftan

    Hmn — tough one! But I would explain to your husband that a meat diet is not great for health — especially today — because of what happens to the animals when they die. Because of the way meat is processed and the additives added as well.
    My first nutrition teacher also explained how meat “putrified in the gut”. A heavy meat diet causes all kinds of problems including constipation, inflammation, headaches, acidity … etc. I would explore the internet for great meat free recipes that you can enjoy once a week. Start there. He doesnt have to become a vegetarian, but he could include a couple of meat free meals. There would be something you could enjoy and be able to eat and you may find your health improving and perhaps begin a romantic journey together exploring new ways of eating. Google vegan/vegetarian recipes for celiacs!
    If good health is important to him, you might find he comes on board. Also, I dont know about the cost of meat where you live, but it is so much cheaper being vege/vegan where I live. A bag of nuts for $10 will make several tasty nut “cheeze” dishes, served with salad — YUM!
    When we went raw food vegan, my husband bought a couple of raw food recipe books, and he did all the food preparation with all the flourish of a chef! Even our teenage daughter, a committed vegetarian, love the raw food vegan meals.
    We went from a vegetarian household to a vegan one, naturally. It’s a journey and everyone is at different stages of the journey but seriously –ask him to make you one meal “that’s a bit different”.
    Hope this helps and good luck!


  5. Jennifer says:

    Hello Billie,

    Living in Europe, I haven’t been able to listen to your talk live. I listened to the recording a couple of hours ago and I want to thank you for this remarkable teleclass.
    You talked about veganism and I would like to ask your opinion about that. Since I started communicating with animals, I’ve had to face some dilemma regarding eating meat or seafood. I’m not a total vegetarian yet but I rarely eat meat or fish now and, when I do so, I never forget to thank the animal who is feeding me and recognize his/her suffering. But, since plants are conscious – and even sentient – beings, eating them seems to be inappropriate as well. After all we “kill” them when we harvest or pick them. What is your opinion regarding this? Thank you and congratulations for your awesome teleclass.

    • jetblackcatfan says:

      Dear Billie,
      I also so enjoyed hearing you talk about what the animals have taught you. I love their advice to find more joy and play more and be less serious.
      However I have problems with becoming a vegetarian. As much as I would prefer to not eat meat, I have a big problem, in that 1) my husband will not become a vegetarian, an he does all the cooking now, due to my disability I can no longer cook, and he won’t cook 2 meals. Also I have a book that talks about the different kinds of foods that you should eat based on your blood type. I am type O and we do best with animal protein.(which I have found to be true) I have a hard time digesting beans and other veggie type proteins, I am also celiac. So it is a very complicated situation, what would you suggest I do???

    • billie dean says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      It’s true, plants are conscious and at home we are very sensitive to this. We always ask permission when we want to pick something. We ask which ones want to come and ask them to withdraw their energy down into their roots. We also honour a piece of wood that doesnt want to be burnt and we dont mow the lawn.

      As we evolve as a species we will have less need for food — and will learn to manifest the things we need. Learn from the Indian yogis!

      I could talk for hours on this topic!! But in a nutshell, it’s about being awake and making a conscious decision to evolve. Being an ultra sensitive, drives me to higher consciousness because I want to embody true peace in my heart. And that means no being suffers from any of my actions.

      Glad you enjoyed the teleclass, and thanks for a great question!!

      Peace and blessings

  6. Linda says:

    continued…after listening to Ascension messages from animals, nature & the fae today listening with Billy & Nedda, I feel that we can give a gift to nature by giving Love to our animals and mother earth thru positive energy and really trying to be a good spiritual being. It truly is a gift to see all that is given to us. Billy Dean you are awesome!! Thank You Nedda.

  7. Linda says:

    I think that if we can have the compassion that our loving animals bring to us along with opening our hearts to live the life of peace and oneness for all beings,that would be wonderful. It’s easier said than done because I with many of unhappy people that need help, don’t realize it or could truly admit it, because we do not understand the reason for suffering, with a need to heal our inner self, to see our path and to live a spiritually new life within the universe, that is a gift from nature.