The Owl’s Corner #1, June 2011 – Subtle Cheese Hints

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Margot D. asks:

I have a funny animal communication question.

I went to the supermarket a few hours ago, and though I had no need for cheese, got the urge to buy some. I did not get it because I am a practical person, but when I got home my dog started to do his tacky thing in the mouth tongue roll.  Then I got a picture and sense of texture of cheese.

Of course I had no cheese.

Should we, in those circumstances, just get our animals what they want? I am getting a strong "Yes" -  but guess where that's coming from ...?


2 Responses to “The Owl’s Corner #1, June 2011 – Subtle Cheese Hints”
  1. Margot says:

    Thanks Barbara,

    Thats a good way of looking at it. I actually gave him some yogurt at the time. My worry was that if he succeded once, then I may get bombarded with food requests every time I go to the supermarket:-) and come home with a load of bacon, cheese, ham, yogurt, chicken etc… He knows exatly what the supermarket is for and if he is in the car with me, he licks his lips when I park.

    But I think you tuned into the real point in the last sentence. He really seems to enjoy showing off to others that he understands exactly what I mean when I talk to him. He has convinced quite a number of people that he understands human language, and of course he does, they just dont understand how and at what level.

  2. spiritweave says:

    Dear Margot ~

    Frequently animals know very clearly what would be of genuine nutritional benefit to add to their diets. Then again, many enjoy french fries and other items considered to be less than healthful. When they ask for foods that are good for them – and given in moderation – perhaps their motivation becomes less crucial to understand. In this sense, the best criteria might be the same as recommended if your child or spouse were to request a particular product . . . In the example given, it’s entirely possible that your dog is so delighted with your ability to receive his messages that he is engaging you for the sheer joy and fun of it!

    Barbara Ellis