Heart to Heart With Wild Animals

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I’d like to hear about your own experiences with wild and endangered animals in captivity - the ways they have touched your heart, given you a message of personal guidance, or a message for humankind.

Please share your experiences and let me know the way these animals connected with you and how that felt. Others will be interested to know your experience and may have some insight or will be touched by a message you received from the animals you met.

Here is a message for you from the lions:

“Have courage to be yourself and honour your heart.”

If you have questions for me or wish for a personal message from one of the animals mentioned in my teleclass you are welcome to blog them here too.

Thank you for sharing your heart with the wild animals in captivity.

With love,

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19 Responses to “Heart to Heart With Wild Animals”
  1. Janet says:

    Dearest Pea,
    I just listened to the recording and loved it! I felt very connected to all the animals with the lovely descriptions you gave.
    When we connected with Chandra during the meditation, he joined me at my side and we looked out to the horizon in the same direction. Here are the answers he gave me to the questions we asked:
    1. personal message – Remain steadfast on the path you are on (I got a picture of my feet walking along a dirt path).
    2. advice for humanity and the planet – Treat animals and all life with respect and love. Honor the wisdom they are willing to share. Stand side by side looking in the same direction. Do not show fear. Let love rule over your thoughts and emotions.
    3. how to help animals – Stop. Listen. Look in their eyes. Acknowledge their wisdom. Let them be your teachers.
    4. who Chandra is really – An Ascended Master. He showed me yellow energy – the energy of empowerment and wisdom. I felt him as fatherly, wise, loving, strong yet gentle with a bit of playfulness.
    Thank you again for a very inspiring talk!

    • Pea Horsley says:

      Hi Janet,
      That yellow energy you see is a colour he shows – as well as white and gold. He is all the things you describe. In fact you can see a wonderful photo of him and Aleka, his mate, on my facebook page is you’re apart of the facebook world.

      ‘Remain steadfast on the path you are on’ is a message many of us could take to our hearts. In your case, he obviously really feels you’re heading in the right direction, you were even looking in the same direction with him by your side – how wonderful is that!

      Keep on your path Janet.

      with love,

  2. amdean says:

    I have just listened to the recording of your broadcast and remember Chandra very well from attending your recent course at the Cotswold Wildlfife Park.
    His message to me was BELIEVE [ that demon self doubt!! ]
    To humanity, he said we must learn to manage with less; and showed how he and the lionesses have had to do just that by living in thier pen.
    As to who he really is: a being of great power and light, a very ‘high’ individual.
    What can I do to help animals ? Use the healing group I am part of, which I am honoured to say he has visited .
    Much love to Morgan


    • Pea Horsley says:

      Hi Angie,
      Lovely messages there. Of course, you already have a relationship with Chandra. I am sure he loved you connecting with him again. All of your messages made sense to me. Thank you for sharing them.

      Will you email me and let me know how the horse is?

      with love,

  3. 1merlinpants says:

    Hi Pea,
    Your program was very beautiful and powerful. Another huge opening for my eyes, physical and spiritual. My connection with Chandra was immediate and intense, even w/out looking at his photo. He is a lovely being. He kept his answers short with me, because he knows that one of my BIGGEST, perhaps only problem with animal communicating is that I tend to let myself get in the way, or at least think I do. I was interested though, with your answers, that some of the same words were used when he spoke to you. My message: Let go and Live! Advice for humanity: Man’s destruction must end. For my giving to the animals: healing. Chandra is a Higher Being of Light. I first saw a King embraced by a beautiful white light.
    Thank you for all you do, and introducing Chandra to us. He came to me many times throughout the night.
    You are all Blessings.
    Sincerely, Eva

    • 1merlinpants says:

      I didn’t want to forget to send hugs to you and Morgan. I was crying with you. They are so important and so much missed when they begin their next journey.

      • Pea Horsley says:

        Hi Eva,
        Thank you for your very kind comment and for sharing your wonderful experience with Chandra. I love that he visited you further throughout the night – how lucky are you! It sounds to me that your communication is going just fine – just go with the flow.

        with love and thanks,

  4. ambetoke says:

    Hi Pea
    Lovely to hear your voice again. I’ve been on one of your courses and you’ve also communicated with my cat Raffles who was curled up on my lap throughout most of your telecast. He thinks of himself as a lion; his spirit is huge even if his physical size is ‘extra-small’!

    Chandra’s message to humanity: You are destroying the Planet but you don’t realise that in the process you are also destroying yourselves.

    He sees himself as a guiding light and warrior prince. I could sense his breath, and that ‘far horizons’ look in his tawny eyes.

    Sending love to you and Morgan.

    • Pea Horsley says:

      Hi Amber,
      I remember you and Raffles.

      I love your description of his ‘far horizons’ look. That is so bang on about him. He does have that look in his eyes. He can see far and wide and no doubt across dimensions too.

      Lovely messages and connection. I wouldn’t be surprised if your purrfectly formed lap lion didn’t help you a little bit there too!

      love to you and Raffles,

  5. Aphrodite says:

    HELLO Pea
    Thanks for the class, this is the first time i have done a communication without looking at a photos of the animal.
    Just before i saw Chandra i felt his energy and i had a flow of tears and i wanted to sob and sob his energy was so calming beautiful and very strong, i felt him all around me, like a warm hug.
    He told me to be calm and not to worry that the earth is fragile and we all share it and i am already helping animals across the world with my teaching by showing love and respect.
    Chandra is light and wisdom, he is the higest dimension for the good of humankind

    Take care

    • Pea Horsley says:

      Marcia, that’s a beautiful connection you had with Chandra and wonderful messages from him for you. The photo is really a prop and a way to focus in but not everyone needs one. You were obviously focusing well and have a rapport with lion energy.

      Thanks for sharing.

      with love,

  6. Moni says:

    Last year I drove by an elk a who had a tire– not a radio collar, but an actual small tire– around her neck. I assumed she had probably reached through one of the little tire fences people around here build around their trees sometimes and gotten stuck. I talked to her about how to bend down and get free but the thing is it wasn’t bothering her at all. I was the one getting all freaked out about it, she was very calm. She also had a calf with her who was very curious. I saw them again a couple of weeks later, still with the tire and the mother let me know I wouldn’t be seeing her again but to watch out for her baby in the future. What I learned is that they don’t necessarily have the same concerns that we do and are very calm.

    Thank you again for the opportunity to talk with Chandra. I also invited my cat Lion to speak with him but I’m not sure if she did. I’ve shown her mental pictures of lions before so she could see what she was named after and I really hope she took the opportunity to connect.

    • Pea Horsley says:

      Hi Moni,
      Thanks for sharing. You know this is so true. As humans we often have assumptions about how animals feel and that’s why it’s so important we connect with them on a deeper level and ask them directly.

      I’m glad you enjoyed connecting with Chandra.

      with love,

  7. Jennifer says:

    Hello Pea,

    Thank you so much for your teleclass and this wonderful opportunity to meet Shandra, such a wonderful soul. The message I received regarding the advice to humanity and the planet was “Wake up!”.

    Thank you again.


  8. animalspeak says:

    Hi Pea,

    It was lovely to share your energy once again. I have been lucky enough to work with Chandra Ruby and Spider on your course at the Cotswold Wildlife Park last year so it was easy for me to take myself right back there and go straight to the lion enclosure and connect straight away.
    I also shared the meditation experience with my companion Tia cat who sat on my legs through the whole class. She insists on being with me during my meditations and gets quite upset if she is left out.

    In answer to your questions

    1- Personal Message:

    What you waiting for, Stop Thinking and Do, Your confidence will build.”

    2- Advice for humanity and the planet:

    Stop Taking, Give, We share this planet, Respect her.
    I then had a vision of man and lion walking side by side sharing stories and wisdom, whilst other animals and humans were doing the same.

    3- How can I help animals across the world?

    Let them be Who they are, Where they are, Don’t try and humanise them.
    Respect them, their lives and their Habitat.

    4- Who are you, Chandra, really?

    One of Light, Wisdom and great knowledge, Teacher, Protector, Lover, Friend.

    Until we meet again. 😉

    Sarah Sidorowicz
    Animal Communicator

    • Pea Horsley says:

      That’s lovely Sarah. Thank you so much for sharing.
      You made me smile when you said Tia was sitting on your legs throughout – it feels so purrfect.
      Love to Tia and yourself.
      Hope to see you again soon,
      Pea x

  9. Pea Horsley says:

    That’s beautiful Nedda, thanks so much for sharing. I heard Chandra describe himself as a Giver of Light, so your vision of him makes so much sense.

    love Pea x

  10. Nedda says:

    Dear Pea,

    During the program today, I spoke with Chandra when you led us in the mediation. Here is what he shared with me.

    When first I introduced myself to him, he come up very close to me and breathed into my face. I could smell his breath, he was so close. Then he sniffed me all over my body – very carefully – as if he was sniffing my energy as well as my physical form.

    1- Personal Message:

    “You are doing very well – better than you think you are. Trust and have faith.”

    2- Advice for humanity and the planet:

    “Love is the answer — with Respect. Self-Love and Self-Respect are necessary because if you can’t love and respect yourself, you will not love and respect others.”

    3- How can I help animals across the world?

    “Don’t try to humanize them. Don’t try to save them. Allow them to be who they are.”

    4- Who are you, Chandra, really?

    I saw him transform into a being of bright white and gold light.

    Nedda Wittels
    ACF Moderator