The Owl’s Corner, May 2011 – A Tragic Death

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Do animals forgive us when their death is caused by a mistake?
And how can we forgive ourselves?

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Petra V. asks:

"Something really horrible happened....I accidentally "killed" our ferret Merlin, he was in the dryer sleeping, I always checked, as I knew they sleep in there, this time I didn't. I am so depressed.  I keep going in my mind through his dying.  I can not even put in words how I feel, as it changes from guilt to self hate to depression. I asked him for forgiveness, what happened because of my stupidity....I save animals; I don't kill them, as life is too valuable (I already feel bad for eating meat).

"My you think, it is possible to receive forgiveness from the animal?  Does his pet soul after death realize that it was a horrible accident?

"I always think, this animal trusted me, because he knew I would never hurt him and I am going through his fears in that dryer and his hope for somebody to come to rescue him and I was not there....I am really having a very horrid time re-living that...."


4 Responses to “The Owl’s Corner, May 2011 – A Tragic Death”
  1. eileengee says:

    Dear Petra,

    First let me say I understand the trauma, shock and grief you must be experiencing now. I am so sorry. I send you my heart’s love and compassion.

    Even as an animal communicator, whenever one of my own companion animals has passed, I have spent hours, sometimes days, wondering if I could have, somehow, done something differently or better. I think it’s our human condition to question ourselves. I think doubting is part of the process. Why didn’t I do this or that. How could I have not seen…? If only I had… But once that part of my grieving process is over, I remember that each one of us has our own path.

    Merlin, as connected as he was to you, had a life and a time to be here in his physical body. And remember that animals live completely in the present moment, in the true NOW of existence, so when Merlin was in the dryer, he wasn’t hoping to be rescued. He was having the experience he was having. Animals are not like humans in that way. There’s no “what if’s.” They don’t wish for things to be different than they are. They experience whatever they are experiencing in the moment. Do you know what I mean about that?

    And as for forgiveness, Merlin waits for you to forgive yourself. When you forgive yourself, you will be free to completely love Merlin again. When we carry guilt, we cut ourselves off from being wholly present. Having said that, I encourage you to allow yourself whatever time you need to process what has happened. Don’t “try” to do anything. Just let yourself be. Know that Merlin’s love is all around as well as the love of your angels and guides. You need only to open your heart and ask that their light and love be made apparent to you and it will be.

    Kindest regards,
    Eileen Garfinkel

  2. WaggingTales says:

    Dear Petra,

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Animals are such wonderful creatures that teach us every day love and compassion. They do not involve themselves with ego driven charecteristics such as resentment and hatered. Forgiving us humans is part of their nature and one of the qualities that make them so wonderful.

    I wish you all the best in your healing process. Please know that all is well with Merlin. i will see you both surrounded by the white light of love and protection.


    Tim Link

  3. spiritweave says:

    Dear Petra ~

    Oh, how my heart goes out to you. Feeling so lowly can be all but unbearable. Thank you for the strength and courage you have shown by reaching out!

    Animal consciousness is pure love and, therefore, perceives no need for forgiveness. Forgiving ourselves is so often wherein the challenge lies. Perhaps the starting place is with perspective and understanding. As horrifically devastated and accountable as you feel, can you conceive of the possibility that no death is ever truly accidental? By no means am I suggesting that your actions were deliberate! But, the departing individual chooses (at some level) a time of readiness to transition back to nonphysical. The soul does not recognize “mistakes”. Rather, it sees only gifts – for all parties involved. This is not meant to sound callous or insensitive to the naturally tumultuous feelings that you have. It will likely take time to recognize the opportunities for spiritual expansion that this experience offers you. Please allow yourself the grieving process. The circumstances ask even more of you than grief. Try to remember that human consciousness is pure love also. Your higher self – or whatever terminology resonates with you – is neither judging nor berating you. The only one who needs to forgive you is you.

    Merlin does not feel he made an error by trusting you. His love for you is boundless and unwavering. As hard as it is to grasp, his essence did not suffer . . . and he doesn’t want you to either. Can you feel his presence? He both curls up within, and encircles his love around, you.

    Barbara Ellis

  4. Dear Petra,
    I am very sorry that you have had this tremendously difficult experience. Yes, animals can and do forgive us, and can have many levels of awareness about their deaths, including accidents like this. Each individual animal may have different things to communicate or different levels of awareness of the situation and the possible many layers of the experience (physical, emotional, and spiritual) both for themselves and for their person.

    I would really recommend that you have a consultation with an animal communicator that you trust, if at all possible, to help you through this experience. It’s helpful if the professional that you work with is experienced with grief counseling, and perhaps energy/healing work as well. This is an extremely difficult and heart-wrenching experience, and you need kindness, healing, and support, as well as understanding your ferret’s perspective and communication with you.

    I wish you all blessings in your healing journey.
    Nancy Windheart