Heart to Heart With Wild Animals

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Blogging with Pea Horsley

I’d like to hear about your own experiences with wild and endangered animals in captivity - the ways they have touched your heart, given you a message of personal guidance, or a message for humankind.

Please share your experiences and let me know the way these animals connected with you and how that felt. Others will be interested to know your experience and may have some insight or will be touched by a message you received from the animals you met.

Here is a message for you from the lions:

“Have courage to be yourself and honour your heart.”

If you have questions for me or wish for a personal message from one of the animals mentioned in my teleclass you are welcome to blog them here too.

Thank you for sharing your heart with the wild animals in captivity.

With love,

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The Owl’s Corner #3, May 2011 – Animal Client Dependency

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What is the best way to handle a situation where an animal with anxiety disorder has become dependent on the Animal Communicator?

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Joni W. asks:

"As a professional Animal Communicator I have encountered a problem that I have not run into before in over 15 years of doing this.

"I have client with 2 dogs. One has shoulder pain and we have worked successfully with her and her vet to develop a routine that aids this dogs pain. However the second dog has a strong anxiety disorder, is an empath and HATES change.

"I began working with these dogs in February. First it was 3 times a week I communicated with them and we worked through a lot of issues that this anxiety ridden dog had. Note that his human companion was working with their vet at the same time with medication and with acupuncture and massage.

"The dog got to a somewhat stable place and we decided to cut back on my time to once a month. Well as soon as we did that all his anxiety behavior returned. So we went to once a week. We have been at once week ever since. He then became calm and consistent again. So I was "thinking" about going to once a month and without my discussing it with his person, he went into full anxiety mode.

"Now I know he loves me and I know he doesn't handle change well. For the moment we are staying with once a week.

"My question is: Has anyone ever had a "client" attach themselves to you like this dog has done with me? I do not think it is fair to the human client to go on forever once a week. But for the moment it is worth it to her to keep him calm. ANY ideas anyone?"

The Owl’s Corner #2, May 2011 – Species Preferences

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Can we generalize about what species and breeds prefer,
or it is best to "go to the horse's mouth" as individuals?

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Shoshana A. asks:

"As an animal-lover and aspiring animal-communicator, one of my more compelling curiosities is what type of environment different animals would prefer to inhabit, if given the choice.

"For example, do horses tend to prefer living in an open field with a tree for shelter, or in a stall?  If so, does this vary by individual/breed?  Are there any other lifestyle factors (such as working every day, rotating types of exercise, types of feed, size of stall, degree of light) that horses tend to prefer, or does degree of selectivity and preference vary by individual?

"I understand that this level of specificity is likely greater than what is generally communicated, but I'm curious if there is a lifestyle preference among individuals and species.

"Thank you so much for your insight."

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