The Sky Is Not the Limit: Energy Healing With Animals

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  • if you have questions about healing for/with animals, and/or
  • if you like to share your own healing experiences.

Also, I am very interested in healing mediums like flower and other essences, and crystal skulls. So if you have experiences to share in these areas, please do so.

More about the Oneness Crystal Skull Essences

I started manifesting the Oneness Crystal Skull Essences with the aid of crystal skulls and other loving beings. The basis of every essence is formed by the energy of the Sacred Heart. This is the energy my 6 skulls form in perfect unity: the human skulls, "Divinity Trinity" and "Mozes", the fairy skulls, "FairyTail" and "Joshua", and the dragon skulls, "Infinity" and "FireFly."

In every essence the crystal field is anchored through the crystal skulls. This field resonates with our crystal bodies and DNA, helping us to ground deeply and raise our frequency. The Oneness Crystal Skull Essences will help you regain and integrate the deep inner knowing and feeling that we are all one.

Each essence has unique qualities,and depending on what you need, you will be intuitively drawn to one or more of the essences. Through every essence you are in direct contact with the skulls and other beings of light that helped with manifesting the particular essence. When you use the essence during a longer period of time, they guide you and help you attune your pace to fully experience the potential of the essence and therefore your own potential.

You can spray the essence and/or hold the bottle in your hand. I’ve added one or more affirmations to every essence to give you extra support. The essences are very helpful to humans, animals and the environment.

So far 4 essences have been manifested:

Dragon Heart: love, protection, courage, broadening your horizon, letting go of (old) patterns, embracing your greatness, first aid in acute situations.

Heart Rhythm: connection with your heart & body and with the heartbeat of Mother Earth and the Cosmos, gateway to past lifetimes (human and non human), living according to your natural rhythm, inviting your divine powers into your physical body.

Unveiled: freeing yourself from the energy that doesn’t resonate with your inner being, showing your true self, strengthening the flow of Kundalini energy, rebalancing your male & female energies.

Fairytale: healing of the inner child, connection with the world of the fairies/elves (the local fairies and also the Cosmic Fairy Collective), support of physical healing processes, gateway to magic wisdom.

For additional information about the essences, email me at:

As a gift to those of you who attend the talk or listen to the recording, I am offering a special price on the Oneness Crystal Skull Essences.

Order all 4 Oneness Crystal Skull Essences and receive one of the essences for free.

To order, email me with your request and include the special code that is given during the talk and is on the recording so I know you are eligible for the gift.

All orders must be placed no later than April 27, 2011.

Irene Bras


4 Responses to “The Sky Is Not the Limit: Energy Healing With Animals”
  1. Bev Szymanski says:

    Hi Irene,

    The information you shared with us was absolutely amazing and so inspiring, I loved it! I will keep you posted via email about my organ healing.

    Initially skulls used to creep me out, then I learned more about them and how very special they are. 🙂 Is it ok to use all 4 of your Crystal Skull Essences at the same time, if needed? I also use flower essences, I assume there would be no contraindication with their use.

    Do you have a line of gem stone essences? If not, where do you get yours and could you recommend a source within the USA?

    What are the light essences you use during your healing sessions, is it something tangible or is it something you visualize?

    Who is the cat in the picture with you on your website and what type of cat is it? It’s so beautiful but I don’t recognize it. 🙂

    Thank you and I wish you much joy and peace,


    • Irene Bras says:

      Hi Bev

      Thank you so much for listening and interacting! Thank you also for keeping me posted about your organ healing. I really appreciate that.

      I can fully relate to your initial negative feelings about crystal skulls. I didn’t like them either in the past, until I got the change to really connect with them 😉
      Yes, you can combine my essences, but I wouldn’t recommend using more than two at the same time, because they invite you to really work with yourself in order to grow. Giving yourself the opportunity to integrate experiences is very important.
      I also work with flower essences and you can perfectly well combine my essences with flower or other essences.

      I get my gemstone essences from a store in The Netherlands that imports these essences from Alaska. I can give you more info via e-mail if you are interested. These gemstone essences are very pure.

      The light essences are developed by a woman in The Netherlands. They are tangible. This woman works together with guides and they manifest the essences together.
      She really inspired me during the last couple of years and she & I have a lot in common. I also work with light beings/guides next to crystal skulls to manifest the Oneness Crystal Skull Essences. In order to create the essence Fairytale I worked together with a group of Pixies (small fairies/elves) and with the Cosmic Fairy Collective next to 3 fairy skulls.

      The cat in the picture is a rescue cat that lives with the photographer. I believe it’s a Siamese cat.

      Thank you so much for your interesting questions!

      In loving harmony, Irene

  2. Irene Bras says:

    Dear Jeannine

    Thank you so much for listening. The crystal skulls found me, because that is what actually happens. They start sending telepathic/energy messages to the person that they resonate with and want to live & work with. At the time they started connecting with me over a distance they were staying at The Hague in The Netherlands. Five of them reached me via the (web)shop Precious Energy (2 human shaped skulls, 2 dragon shaped skulls and one fairy shaped skull). The other fairy shaped skull came to me via a therapist who is now living in Delft, also in The Netherlands. If you are interested in their contact information, please send me an email. It is so important to the world today that we start honoring the dragons & fairies again next to all the other wonderful & magical creatures that are so willing to guide us! They really enrich my live, just like the animals do. With joined forces we can bring back peace to Mother Earth.

    In loving harmony, Irene

  3. Jennifer says:

    Thank you, Irene, for what you told us today. I was fascinated by what you told us about the skulls. Where did you find them?

    Thank you.

    Jeannine, France