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What are the differences between direct telepathic communication and receiving information from a power animal?

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Tracey C. asks:

When I started receiving "psychic" communications from people, I assumed it was telepathy, and that they were conscious of the communication. I quickly found out that was not true. Eventually I came to understand that I was talking to their heart, through my heart, and only I was aware of the communication. I guess this is called communicating with the person's spirit.

Now I am studying animal communication. The communication appears to be telepathic. Yet in my shamanism class, I was taught that I could also communicate with animals by having my power animal call in the spirit of the animal.

Did that mean right off it's not telepathic and the animal is not aware of it? Because it seems the same to me as far as results, though I admit I am a beginner.

And just in general, with humans and animals, how do I know which it is?

How do the two differ as far as the information received?


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  1. Hi Tracey,
    Telepathy means “feeling across a distance”, and I use the term to refer to any direct communication that is not coming through written, spoken, or body language. Telepathy is the universal language underneath all of those other languages. So, whether we are “talking” telepathically with an animal in body, in spirit, or an angel, spirit guide, power animal, our mother, our relatives in spirit, etc., it is all using telepathic communication. This is why animal communication students are often able to open to receiving communication from spirits, angels, their best friend,the fairy realm, etc. once they reclaim and uncover their telepathic abilities.

    Regarding conscious connection: if I’m doing a consultation with an animal, I always make sure that they are aware of the communication session (which almost always is an “of course”, and instantaneous.) Sometimes, just as with people, I am able to feel information that the animal may not be completely aware of. This may come from helpers in the spirit world, my own sensing of the whole situation and psychic awareness, or a combination of many of these factors. This is sometimes when the greatest change and healing can occur, because the animal then has a chance to understand and feel something more deeply than she did before.

    it’s a good question…ultimately, you have to just practice and practice and practice, and start to really feel how the communication and the telepathy works for you. It’s different for each of us. I wish you all the best in this journey!

    Nancy Windheart

  2. eileengee says:

    Hi Tracey Ann,
    It sounds to me as if sometimes you’re receiving psychic impressions or information from people when they are not aware of sending out information. We are always sending out energy, vibrations, information. Some people, like you and others, are sensitive to these impressions and pick them up. Are you communicating with the person’s spirit? We are all Spirit. So yes, you can say you are. How can you know when the person is aware of the exchange? I need to have an example. Are these spontaneous exchanges, say, at the grocery store check out? Is someone you get telepathic info from receiving info from you and they’re not aware of it? How do you know they’ve received the info you’re sending? I’m not clear. Can you give me an example of when a person communicated with you telepathically and yet was unaware they were communicating?

  3. bigcaat says:

    Still not sure I understand, but let me phrase it this way:

    When I speak with animals in body or in spirit, I telepathically communicate directly with their higher self.
    When I do a psychic reading on a person who is still in body, I telepathically reach out to the akashic records and connect with their subconscious.
    When I do a mediumship reading, I telepathically connect with my spirit guides, open myself up and connect to the energy of the person who has passed.

    I look at it this way: I don’t differentiate energy, I just differentiate *how* I am directing or allowing the telepathic process. Energy is energy. Be the person/animal in body or in spirit, I connect with energy.

    Again, energy is energy. I don’t really care if I’m connecting ‘heart to heart’ ‘higher self’ ‘conscious’ ‘subconscious’ as long as I connect, I’m accurate and I am helping all involved. There are times where I feel the animal is very conscious and aware, there are other times I may have to go in from a different direction because they are on prozac or have some other kind of disorientation going on. If I need to connect with them through spirit, that’s what I do, it’s not often, but I use whatever means are available to me and whatever intuitively feels appropriate.

    To complicate things more for you (sorry 😉 ) — the reason I don’t really care is because I believe that everything is connected, especially with animals. IOW, we humans spend years trying to understand how to ‘integrate our three selves’ and how to ‘connect with god’ and such. Animals are already there. So, if I’m connecting with their higher self, I’m connecting with their middle and lower self, as well. One or the other may take the lead depending upon whether we’re talking about past lives, or what kind of food they want, but animals are amazingly integrated in a way in which we are not.

    And when we talk to spirit, well, spirit is spirit. Spirit is energy. Energy is energy. Once we are on the other side, we are all just energy, no matter what type of body we inhabited last. The only difference is that if you are talking to someone in spirit, they will present themselves as the body that the person you’re reading for will recognize.

    With regard to conscious connection, remember that spirit and animals do not have the same kind of conscious awareness that we do. Our conscious minds (lono or middle self) animals certainly have a consciousness, but it’s different than ours. Even when you feel that the animals are conscious of you talking to them, which they are in a way, it’s not like our own consciousness. They work on a different vibration. It’s not like the consciousness with which they understand when we tell them to get off the furniture because we are connecting telepathically. And those messages certainly make it to the conscious mind in the way that they change their behavior, but too often we expect that animals are ‘just like us’ – which they are not.

    I’m not sure I’m explaining that very well, but the bottom line is that it really doesn’t matter. It’s not important to know. Of course, you want to telepathically make sure you have permission to communicate, but what matters is the intent with which we communicate, and the idea that we end up helping the animal and/or the spirit and/or the person for whom we’re doing the reading. Don’t get hung up on conscious connection or not, and don’t get hung up on ‘how’ you’re doing it, or what you’re connecting to. The important thing is that you connect effectively, accurately to whatever you’re connecting to and with the highest intent on improving the lives or experience of the animal, person, or spirit with (or for) whom you are communicating.

    Lisa (aka Spiritcaat)

    • bigcaat says:

      I so wish we could edit these posts: Correction:

      When I do a mediumship reading, I telepathically connect with my spirit guides, open myself up and connect to the energy of the person who has passed *by letting the energy come to me,’ rather than reaching out to say, the akashic records or the animal’s ‘heart’ or higher self.

  4. Tracey Ann says:

    Let me clarify that. When I talk to animals in animal communication class, it’s pretty obvious that they are consciously and willfully communicating with me. When I connect telepathically to humans, sometimes it’s obvious that I am communicating with spirit only, and that the individual is not conscious of any connection. What about all the other times when it’s not obvious? How can I know? Or can I/

  5. bigcaat says:

    Oooops. I was suppose to include my name and website:

    Lisa (aka bigcaat)

  6. bigcaat says:

    Telepathy is defined as: “Communication through means other than the 5 known senses…” I’m not sure where you got the idea that you aren’t using telepathy when you receiving psychic impressions, but that is not my belief for either psychic work or animal communication.

    Just because you feel you are connecting to someone “heart to heart” does not mean you are not communicating telepathically. Telepathy is the ‘means’ by which you communicate, not the direction or destination or origination from which you communicate. IOW, you can speak ‘heart to heart’ if you want to think about it that way, or you can connect your higher self to the other person’s or animal’s higher self, or you can connect to their subconscious or the akashic records or whatever, but you are still using telepathy.

    Think of it this way. I use a telephone to speak to my mother who lives 300 miles away. That may be an emotional conversation and I may be connecting with her emotionally, but I am still using the telephone as my means to speak with her. When she is visiting my brother she is only 150 miles away, yet, when I communicate with her, I am still using the telephone to do so. When I speak to my friends in New York, again I use the telephone. You see my point.

    Yes, of course you can connect to an animal through your power animal if you so choose, but you are using telepathy to connect to your power animal to ‘call in the spirit of the animal’ if that’s how you want to connect, or you can connect directly to the animal ‘heart to heart’ or ‘higher self to higher self’ whatever, but you will still be using telepathy to do so.

    Personally, I believe that all of the ways people say they connect – ‘heart to heart’ or whatever, are pretty much the same, but it’s the way we choose to frame it for ourselves. In that way, whatever way works for you is fine, but you are still using telepathy to communicate.

    Hope this helps.


    • Tracey Ann says:

      Hi Bigcaat,

      OK, thanks, that clears up my terminology.

      But a question still remains: is the other individual or animal in the communication consciously aware of the interchange? Or not? It seems both possibilities exist. Sometimes it seems clear they do, sometimes it seems clear they don’t, some times I really don’t know and wish I did.

      Tracey Ann

      • Elaine says:

        Hi Tracey Ann-

        I understand your question well, as it happens to me fairly frequently. At times will having a lively “conversation” with an animal on a soul level. That is, it begins with sounding and feeling like my own thoughts then quickly goes a different way, wherein I hear another voice and that voice is saying things rapidly and I “hear” myself responding to them on a soul level. That happens all the time with us really. Soul to soul connection with people, animals, plants, etc. But as you become more in tune with these transferences, then you really hear and feel them. Energy is energy as I am sure you have heard before, so energy exchange is constantly going on. Are the animals aware of this exchange? Yes, in my experience they are. They are actively involved on an “oversoul” level, so yes, they are of course hearing this as well. Mind as we know it to be in our society and culture is so much more than that. Our “thinking” mind is only a fragment, a small particle of a bigger part of our “soul mind”. The mind, the thinking, the energy exchange goes on with our without a body. What I am saying is we are all so many layers as mentioned here in this thread. And an exchange on a soul level is a bit deeper than the telepathic level, but really no different. And yes, many times an animal will become aware of some things not known before by an exchange on a soul level and that can help “clearout” some issues. The heart to heart connection I feel really is always there, either way you connect. Imformation is coming through in pure love form. As Lisa above mentioned, I too do not spend too much time on figuring out if we are communicating on a soul level or telepathic level. I feel we humans put too much emphasis on “differences” of things instead of seeing all as one. And this “difference” too can lend itself to blocks. So I let it all flow and it seems to flow in and out of different ways of connecting during a session. And I am just thrilled and honored each time anyway it happens.

        Elaine DeCarlo