Star Origins of Animals . . .

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Talks with Animal Souls

blogging with Jacquelin Smith

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Both of my feline friends, Violet and Sakhara, have told me that they are from other star systems.  They gave me this information years before I knew about Jacquelin's book, and I always accepted the information as true because, intuitively, it "felt right" to me.

Violet tells me she is from a planet in the Pleiades Star Cluster where the dominate life form is felinoid, resembling in many ways the appearance of the characters in the Broadway musical "Cats."

Sakhara tells me she is Arcturian and has also lived in the Sirius star cluster.

I suspect many of you have animals in your family who come from other places.

Please share what you know or suspect about animals from other places in the Cosmos and ask your questions by emailing Jacquelin Smith at  Your message and her responses will be posted here over the next 48 hours.

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5 Responses to “Star Origins of Animals . . .”
  1. Nedda says:

    Nedda for Bille Dean:

    Hi all,

    From my experience as a professional interspecies communicator I am in total agreement — many multiple cat homes — have drawn in multiple teachers from different spiritual traditions and places — for example it is very common to find a star cat hanging out with an Egyptian cat in the same home. And of course — if you asked the Egyptian teacher in your home — you would probably find they come from the stars originally as well.

    With love

  2. Nedda says:

    Nedda for Jennifer Parks:

    Hello Jacquelin:

    I listened to your program this evening on Animal Communicator Forum. I was very interested in all you had to say and I felt you did a fantastic job explaining things that are hard for most human minds to grasp, including my own. The animals continue to teach me through my practice as an Animal Communicator and a lot of what you said resonates with the messages I have received from the animals.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us on the Animal Communicator Forum and I will look forward to hearing back from you.

    Jennifer Parks
    Best Pet Friend

  3. Nedda says:

    Nedda submitting a question from MJ:

    Dear Jacquelin,

    Thank you for your wonderful talk on Wed.

    Please help me to understand…

    When my 7 yr. old Standard Poodle seems “OFF” or “just not himself…” is it possible that his energies as “poodle” are being drawn off to tend to other matters that need him more than his poodle form?

    I have often marveled at his ‘sitting meditation pose’ while he seems so out of his body – yet so very present.

    Do these soul contracts effect the events of each other?

    Again, many thanks,

    • Nedda says:

      Nedda submitting Jacquelin’s reply:

      Hello MJ,

      Thanks for your email. To answer your question –YES – your poodle may be
      attending to other matters he has to do. I’m glad you enjoyed the talk.


  4. Laurie Moore says:

    People and animals are now able to vibrate from frequencies that are in many places. We live everywhere. Only our bodies are located in space. We can vibrate from other times and other origins while being here now. We are simultaneously everywhere. The animals remember their other origins when doing so is of contribution. When not they focus on now. The animals are always aware of their primary origin. Humans can now be in resonance with our primary place of existence which is the one love. Dr. Laurie Moore

    We are one LIGHT ONLY. This eminates from all places and beings.
    Jessie Justin Joy, feline