Creating a Heart Connected Relationship . . .

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with Your Performance Dog or Horse

Blogging With Kathy Kawalec

Dogs and Horses are eager partners in sport and service, and we often face training and performance challenges that need to be resolved. These common challenges can be used as gateways to deepen your relationship, enhance communication and transform your life!

I would love to hear your stories of working through training or performance challenges…and to answer your questions about the process.

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Kathy Kawalec

The Owl’s Corner, January, 2011 – Animal Privacy

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Are Animals Considerate About Privacy?

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Jennifer L. asks:

"How can I know that my conversation with one animal is not heard by other animals, like those who belong to the same family?

"I am asking this question because I have once experienced an animal not wanting me to report one personal thing he told me to his person. Even after he died, he would not allow me to share what he had told me.

"Are animals being considerate about privacy?

"I have also experienced asking a personal question to an animal and getting no reply. I finally got the answer from another animal of the family when I asked him. Does this mean it's OK to ask other animal family members about the individual who is of greatest concern to their person?"