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Blogging with Morgine Jurdan

What ideas might you have for Celebrating your own animal (s) life beginning today? What are the small micro steps you might take to begin to let her or him know how much they are loved and appreciated? Do you have any questions about how to go about doing this?

Do you understand how beginning the Celebration process now can greatly relieve the stress towards the end of life? How you will now realize your beloved friend knows how much they mean to you and how much they have affected your life. You will be sure they understand how much you love and cherish their love and friendship. You will have more clarity around the things they really enjoy, their favorite foods and experiences. You will know how to get help if you have questions regarding their pain levels and their care.

As you begin to take time now to more deeply appreciate all the ways your beloved animals friends share with you, you can maintain those memories and allow them to release from their bodies and more easily celebrate their transition into spirit knowing you will always be connected energetically. You will feel and experience that connection more deeply having taken the time to celebrate them being in your life these past days, months or even years. Celebrating the moments can even continue as you recognize their wisdom is still being lived in your lives more each day.

I am looking forward to hearing your Celebration experiences and to answering your questions.

Morgine Jurdan

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The Owl’s Corner, December 2010 – Different Species

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Are there differences in speaking telepathically with different species?

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Anonymous asks:

"It seems that most stories about animal communication relate conversations with cats, dogs, or horses. I’ve also heard that cats are more difficult to communicate with than horses and dogs. Is that true? Is it easier to communicate with mammals than with other species? Is communication with birds, fish and insects quite different?  What about microorganisms? How easy/difficult is it to communicate with those life forms?  Should different techniques be used with different species?”