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Dolphins and The 9 Steps to Communication

By Asia Voight
Professional Animal Communicator, Speaker, Teacher and
Dolphin / Whale Trip Facilitator

Dolphins swam around me in delight after our tele-seminar. Spotted, striped, big and small bodies splashed and flapped their tails in gleeful appreciation. The dolphins around the world loved our connection with them.

“Please continue,” they said. “Our joy expands and so does yours when we meet. Whether it’s in the water or in your hearts at home there is no difference to us.”

What a good thing to know that connecting in spirit means the same to the dolphins as it does connecting with them in the water. I know I find myself thinking, “It’s only a good connection with the dolphins when I’m in the water with them. I have to wait until the next time I’m in Bimini or Hawaii to talk to them.” Thinking this way creates anxiety in me! The dolphins know this and are letting you and me know the time is now. We don’t have to wait. Connect with them everyday throughout your busy life. Joy and love are accessible to you every day. Doesn’t this sound wonderful?

I asked the dolphins to give me a list to help strengthen conversations with them, here it is:

  1. HAVE FAITH. Trust that when you call on the dolphins (or whales, your dog, cat or horse) that they will come to you.
  2. RELEASE EXPECTATIONS.  Allow the connection to be what it is. Release “better” or “worse” ways of talking with animals.
  3. LET GO and OPEN YOUR HEART. Be at peace with yourself and ease into a relaxed open, content heart space. Practice slow and deep breathing.
  4. ASK. Imagine drawing out a large lasso into the universe with your request to talk to a dolphin. Drawn the rope or your intension in and find the right dolphin waiting for you.
  5. LISTEN. Listen with your whole body. Their communications with you might be in words, pictures, a feeling in your body or a simple knowing.
  6. ACCEPT. Take in the message and joy the dolphins have to offer you and then say “Thank you.” This acceptance and appreciation strengthens future communication.
  7. LIVE OUT. Allow their message or energy of joy and play to live out in your life. Follow guidance that you have asked for and incorporate it into your “list to do”.
  8. SHARE. Share their message with others in your life. Sharing rolls the joy and love like an ocean wave into every aspect of your day.
  9. RETURN. Return daily to the dolphins. They are the joy nurturers of the world – there is no limit to the amount of times the dolphins will speak with you!

Thank you for being a part of my Pure-Flow Dolphin Communication talk. I look forward to connecting with you again in the future.

Many blessings,
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One Response to “Pure-Flow Dolphin Communication”
  1. snowtrails says:

    I loved this post.
    Many years back I was swimming with dolphins at Kuna Bay, Big Island and I have always felt a great connection to a mother dolphin with her injured baby that she brought to see me every day. I gave them names: Samantha and Leslie (don´t know why), it just came to me and since then I have “spoken” with them many times.Until your lovely post ( I just read) I have thought it is imagination, because I couldn´t really talk to them so far away, but after reading this, perhaps it really is true!
    I also speak to my two siberien huskies that died a couple of years ago.
    It feels very real as they communicate with me often. I´m just an ordinary person with no special animal communication skills, but find it easy to communicate with animals and birds that make contact.