The Divine Triangle . . .

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Unconditional Love, Source, & Animal Communication

Blogging with Penelope Jensen


Please comment and ask questions about "The Divine Triangle."

I’d love to hear about what you experienced or answer any questions you have from the talk.


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3 Responses to “The Divine Triangle . . .”
  1. spiritualk9 says:

    Hi Penny, really enjoyed your talk! Missed some of it, so will definitely have to listen to the recording again. Do you ever use the full One Command sequence to change old programming, beliefs, etc. (same steps to get to Source, sans the animal connection, plus the actual “command” steps). I would think that could be particularly useful when you’re also connecting to your animal. I hope that was not one of the things I missed (I apologize if that’s the case!).
    Bright Blessings,

    • Brigitte,

      Asara Lovejoy is one of my Mentors! My first official animal communication was with her dog Parker at her conference center/home here in Washington. I use The One Command all most daily to work on my own “stuff”. I use The One Command to create what I desire to have, be, etc and watch, listen for the voice or evidence that tells me I can’t have it. I use that information to from new commands to get me to the desired place in my business, feelings or any situation I wish to resolve.

      You can Command for the animal companion in your life when in theta, that place I took you to in the mediation, by rolling your eyes up. You command for the animal’s name with in you. What you desire for them to have, (peace, harmony, healthy body). The full command is, ” I don’t know how I or the Jessie within me has, is, becomes_____what you desire _, I only know that the Jessie within me is the best ______ and I am fulfilled.

      You can use any technique you are comfortable with to arrive at the destination, your higher self talking with their higher self. Or as Amelia
      phrases so well,”The God within you talking to the God within them.”

      Great question!!


  2. Hi all, I’m sorry we had a technical glitch! Please fee free to join the discussion, ask questions and discover the bliss of spending quality time in The Divine Triangle with your own beloved critters!