Spiritual Ascension and Animal Communication

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Blogging with Nedda Wittels


Thank you all for attending this morning's program. 

There is another bit of important information about the ascension process that you may find helpful:  the Earth herself, Humanity, and all the Earth Kingdoms, including the animals, are ascending together.

What this means is that we are actually raising the vibrational frequencies of our bodies at every level.  The Hertz Resonance frequency of the Earth has accelerated.  Our bodies are also vibrating faster.  So is everything and everyone on the planet.

This is one of the reasons why so many people and animals seem to "suddenly" - i.e., without warning - develop symptoms that appear to be illness or disease, but allopathic practitioners are at a loss to diagnose what is happening. 

-- OR --

A human or animal who seemed totally healthy suddently becomes seriously ill and dies very quickly.

What is happening in these cases, from a Spiritual perspective, is very different than the common medical models.

  • The 4-body system (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) may be experiencing a detox that appears similar to an illness, but isn't an illness at all.  (Often these feel like illness, but they don't follow the course of an illness and allopathic tests reveal that nothing whatsoever is wrong.)


  • The Soul Consciousness of that being (human or animal) on a higher plane may decide that it is time to leave the Earth plane because they are choosing not to have certain experiences as everything shifts vibrationally.


  • The Soul Consciousness of the being may be choosing to leave to come back very quickly into a younger, healthier body that is more vibrationally aligned with where things are right now on Planet Earth and where the energies are taking us.  In many instances, when this happens with animals, they may return quite quickly to the human family members they left behind.

Please share your experiences, comments, and questions from the talk or this additional information.



5 Responses to “Spiritual Ascension and Animal Communication”
  1. soni says:

    I am aware of the vibrational exchange that is occurring at this time with people and their animals. 2010 was a year of tremendous loss. A total of 7 of my animals and just the 8th one yesterday. Leaving my oldest cat (18) and the youngest (11). Knowing that it is not a final process of our relationship and that the ability to communicate with each of them in their spiritual presence, allowed me to overcome my grief much sooner. I lost their physical presence only to be more united with them spiritually. Those who would not easily talk to me when they were here, speak to me now in normal flowing conversation, which I love dearly.
    It wasn’t until the death of my cat which was number 6, did I understand the death process and the lesson I was to learn. Yesterday’s loss was one we were expecting because of our dogs’ age, 19 years old. We had been keeping her comfortable until her time. I had asked that the others greet her so she would not feel alone. A few months before my first dog I lost came to me in such great excitement and delight I could feel it surge through my own body. He announced he was returning soon. With that announcement I began to experience a feeling of joy I never had before, a very different sensation of happiness, we shared it together. So the thought of his return has me in a new disposition that really improves my outlook on everything going on in my life. It is a validation that our animals alive or passed still are here to complete us. Thank you guys!!

  2. sumr918 says:

    This is a very interesting concept.You list various ways and reasons why and
    how Spiritual Ascension could occur.

    I was wondering if it could account for when a person takes steps in a situation involving a pet and each step, although hard won, after many many months and much expense and endurance on the part of both pet and person, indicates they are on the right path because there is improvement with each step taken. Because of this, the person feels a divine guidance in that what they are doing must be right.

    Then suddenly there is something that happens and the person goes ahead, even without thinking, to do what they instinctively feel divinely guided to do, a simple action done many times in the past, confident in that divine guidance only to have everything fall apart.

    The action taken wasn’t right, the divine guidance as to what to do next, how to interpret, how to correct once knowing the action taken wasn’t right and wasn’t there and waiting for it only made things worse, and, in going over the whole thing later, everything that happened was totally misread and misinterpreted all the way down the line.

    Now this person is left with guilt and recrimination because the pet passed on and now this person is seriously doubting their ability because something costing pennies would have saved this pet’s life.Not only that, the simple action they felt divinely guided to take jeopardized the pet’s life(but this person didn’t see it at the time) and then finally realizing that it was life-threatening,as what to do was realized and given too late and led to the pet passing on. May I add that years later this person read of almost the identical step taken by another person for their pet and the pet suffered no ill effect whatsoever.

    If what was happening was the pet opting for Spiritual Ascension, why didn’t it happen earlier, not after months and months of pain,labour, cost, and suffering on the part of both person and pet? What benefit to anyone now that the person is left seriously doubting any future divine guidance that may be offered as well as their own ability?

    • Nedda says:

      Dear One,

      Forgiveness and Non-judgment are two important qualities that we are learning about through the current Ascension process. Feeling recrimination and guilt for doing what felt like the best thing to do at the time is an old pattern that only applies at the level of duality. The lesson may be one of letting go and allowing, forgiving oneself and knowing that no one ever really dies. The Spirit and Soul continue.

      I have had to learn on my own path that holding on to a feeling of responsiblity for outcomes that affect another is neither beneficial to me, nor to my animal, nor to my overall Spiritual path. I have had to accept and let go of the assumption that I am supposed to have total responsibility for an outcome. I have had to learn that in any situation I am doing the best I can at that moment and that recrimination and guilt only hold me back and create more limited thinking and feeling patterns.

      The Truth is that I don’t control any outcome. While I believe that I manifest all that I experience, I have learned that there is no judgment from the higher perspective. From that perspective all outcomes are just outcomes, neither good nor bad.

      I have to remember that the animal’s Soul made choices, too, in coming to be with me and in having the particular experience, whatever the outcome.

      The question to ask is this: how can I see the entire event from a higher perspective and find the power to forgive myself and all others involved?


  3. digartz says:

    I can add that a friend, an animal communicator, that I did a session for at the beginning of summer was very distressed over the very sudden loss a cat to a quick and unknown illness. When she did her session was seeing swirling images, but that was all.

    When I did the session with this wonderful cat it turned out she was on a very specific mission to help guide fish and sea creatures away from the gulf oil disaster. The swirling images that we both were seeing were the thousands and thousands of fish she was helping to save. It was a brief but spectacular session.

    As it seems we are facing more turmoil in our lives here, there are more helping guide us, and more answering the call.

    On a grief level my friend had some resolution knowing of the bravery and wisdom that came from her cat’s sacrifice, and the pain of missing her, while still great I think I can say probably healed better in the knowledge.

    P.S. I did check in w/ kitty quickly to make sure it was okay to share her story, she’s very cool & wise. It’s such an honor to get to know these guys on this level 🙂