The Owl’s Corner, September 2010 – Truth vs. Deception

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How can we tell when an animal is lying,

hiding something, or leaving something out?


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Thom Williams asks:

Sometimes we encounter animals that do not wish to reveal certain aspects about themselves, often medical situations they either wish to deal with themselves or simply do not want to go on another trip to the vet.

On other occasions an animal may have a hidden agenda item that they are being less than truthful about when initially discussing difficult issues. Perhaps they are masking jealousy, rage, fear, or other negative sides to their personality they do not wish to divulge to family or others. Maybe they are hiding abuse, either done to them or by them.

The range of issues can be as deep as humans that hide the truth from each other, perhaps more.

When it's ethically correct, how do you get to the truth in extremely difficult situations?

Spiritual Ascension and Animal Communication

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Blogging with Nedda Wittels


Thank you all for attending this morning's program. 

There is another bit of important information about the ascension process that you may find helpful:  the Earth herself, Humanity, and all the Earth Kingdoms, including the animals, are ascending together.

What this means is that we are actually raising the vibrational frequencies of our bodies at every level.  The Hertz Resonance frequency of the Earth has accelerated.  Our bodies are also vibrating faster.  So is everything and everyone on the planet.

This is one of the reasons why so many people and animals seem to "suddenly" - i.e., without warning - develop symptoms that appear to be illness or disease, but allopathic practitioners are at a loss to diagnose what is happening. 

-- OR --

A human or animal who seemed totally healthy suddently becomes seriously ill and dies very quickly.

What is happening in these cases, from a Spiritual perspective, is very different than the common medical models.

  • The 4-body system (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) may be experiencing a detox that appears similar to an illness, but isn't an illness at all.  (Often these feel like illness, but they don't follow the course of an illness and allopathic tests reveal that nothing whatsoever is wrong.)


  • The Soul Consciousness of that being (human or animal) on a higher plane may decide that it is time to leave the Earth plane because they are choosing not to have certain experiences as everything shifts vibrationally.


  • The Soul Consciousness of the being may be choosing to leave to come back very quickly into a younger, healthier body that is more vibrationally aligned with where things are right now on Planet Earth and where the energies are taking us.  In many instances, when this happens with animals, they may return quite quickly to the human family members they left behind.

Please share your experiences, comments, and questions from the talk or this additional information.


Talking with Animals in Spirit

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Blogging with Kristin Thompson


My life has been so enriched through my many connections with animals in spirit. I have healed in incredible ways, and have witnessed the most profound love shared between animals and their people.

I would love for you to contribute here about your experiences while communicating with animals in spirit.

Please share some of your experiences and ask questions.