The Owl’s Corner, August 2010, To Whom Are We Speaking?

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Personality?  Soul Level?  Higher Consciousness Aspect?


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Christine Lake asks:

When we use telepathy to communicate with an animal, we are actually speaking with them at the higher soul level, right? But when we speak with them out loud, we are speaking to their personality, right? How closely connected is the personality and soul? We humans, at the personality level, can be so unaware of all that our higher consciousness knows. Does it depend on the maturity of the soul, similar to humans?


2 Responses to “The Owl’s Corner, August 2010, To Whom Are We Speaking?”
  1. Laurie Moore says:

    We speak from soul, heart, body, mind, personality to soul, heart, body, mind, personality at all times. We are each a reflection of the eternal emanating into inspiration, expression sensation, emotion and thought.

    Dr. Laurie Moore

  2. Nedda says:

    Dear Christine,

    When I speak with an animal telepathically, I can invite whatever level of their consciousness to speak with me that I choose. While I am ok with talking a bit about these different aspects, please note:

    ~~ They are ALWAYS connected with each other.
    ~~ They also may overlap each other energetically.

    Having said this, my general concept of personality vs. spirit vs. soul is this:

    Personality – the individual aspect focused on this specific lifetime.

    Spirit – the “soul extension” or life force/consciousness that is activating this particular body for this specific lifetime.

    Soul – the larger consciousness that exists on the Soul Plane that may be extending various aspects into physical simultaneously. (I’ve read that there can be as many as 12 of these at any one time.)

    When I do a session with an animal in physical, I primarily speak with the personality and Spirit aspects, as they have the information needed to deal with most situations.

    When an animal is preparing to leave their body, even if this is months ahead of time, I frequently find that the Spirit aspects may be ready to talk about this process, whereas the personality may not be prepared to do so.

    When an animal is transitioning – in the process of leaving their body – it is primarity the Spirit that communicates with me.

    If I have a toy ball in front of me, I might say, “This ball is hard or soft, red, blue, or green, small or large.” You can’t separate the characteristics of the ball from the ball itself, right?

    In my experience, this is also true for the personality, the spirit, and the soul. They cannot be separated from each other.

    Nedda Wittels