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to Create and Keep Their Telepathic Gifts

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What is it that you do to have fun with your child (human and/or animal)? Whether it’s a game, an outdoor activity, or a scheduled event. What is it that helps you feel like you are getting away from the daily grind and potential feelings of loneliness, or self-doubt, or eagerness for something to be different? What is it that makes a difference in your world and turns things all around again?

I invite you to share what it is that you do with your child that makes you feel centered, whole, and nurtured once again. What do they do for you, and what do you do for them?

We encourage you to share here what brings your heart true happiness when you are in their presence each time.

And what is it that makes this experience unique from other connections that you have experienced with anyone else? What makes this moment with them a diamond in the rough, and something to be treasured for all time?

Please share your experiences and ask your questions.

Thank you.
Carol Shultz

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