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Is it OK for me to ask an animal to return
who just recently went into spirit?


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Sheila asks:

I recently lost my very very beloved Zachary, my 15-year old canine companion. I miss him deeply. I am trying to find a balance between dealing with my grief and being happy for him that he has crossed over and is in total love, happiness and pain-free. Without his physical presence in my life, I feel very empty. I know that this is a time of my personal learning, but am also deeply wanting him to come back to me if and when he is ready.

My question is:

Is it "okay" for me to ask my Zachy to come back to me? Can I ask him this question while being respectful of his life in spirit and without pulling him to make a decision that he may not want to make?

I don't want to be selfish and I don't want to make him feel like I can't go on without him. I just miss my furry soulmate.


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  1. Laurie Moore says:

    Of course it is okay. Expressing a desire is always okay. Then the animal and the Source Creator can tell you if this is in your best interest or if something else is planned for your highest good. Sometimes the animal has this choice and sometimes not, based on each of your learning needs. But please always ask and then the universe will deliver a gift ; either the one you asked about or something greater in the highest gift of all life everywhere. Your desires are precious. Be at home in the energy of them regardless of what the response is. Know that the response is always with love for you. ~
    Dr. Laurie Moore

  2. dragonfly says:

    I too am sorry for your loss. We who love animals experience grief more than once.

    I used to live on a farm, and had four animals – two cats and two dogs. One by one they died. Shama, a very large and fierce breed was sooo loving. She died suddenly, and I understood that she had taken a new job. Then Samantha, my 18 year old cat, decided it was time and walked out to woods after telling me not to look for her body. Then, after a year of talking to her about letting go of her body, 18 year old Coco, an Aussie/Blue Heeler mix, went to the vet. She had a kidney problem, and I knew it was time. Then some years later, my youngest, Misty, died at 14.

    About a year after Misty’s passing, she told me she wanted to come back to me. Then Sam said, “Me too!” Coco piped up too. I didn’t hear from Shama, so I asked. Shama said “I’m too busy!” Of course I honor and support her important work of helping other dogs and horses to cross over.

    Where I live there isn’t room for the three of them. So I told them as soon as I have a place where they can be with me, I would let them know and we will reunite.

    Time is different – or nonexistent – in “other” places. My suggestion is to remember this is your friend. If you are coming from honesty and love your friend will not mind your asking.

    Meanwhile, be sure to get support in your time of grief.


  3. digartz says:

    Dear Sheila
    I’m very sorry for your loss. As someone who has been extremely lucky in this area I feel I can answer this one. My cat Rem/Nikki has come back to me three times, and has been in my life for more than 30 years taking care of me! On top of that I have a second cat, Zepher who is on a second life with me. If you saw the photos you would be astounded, and by further talking with my family and friends who have known all lives of both cats, they are all convinced not only is it possible, it happens. It’s an amazing story that I’m very thankful for every day.

    It’s not disrespectful to ask them if they plan to return some day at all. It shows your love and you’re caring for them. Yes, it shows your need to be with them, but that’s not selfish at all. If they have important roles or missions to accomplish before returning, they will simply tell you. If they do not wish to come back to you and have other things they must do, they will usually find a kind and gentle way to tell you.

    The only way you’ll know is to ask, and more often than not it helps with the grieving process, because you will have an answer.

    I hope this helps you with your question

    Thom Williams
    Animal Healings by Thom