Enhancing Animal Communication With Shamanism

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Blogging with Carla Meeske


I find that when I ask my Spirit Allies to contribute to the communication that I get stronger information than if I just "tune in" myself.

Are you finding that is true for you too, now that you are familiar with the Shamanic Journey and your Allies?

Please share some of your experiencies or ask questions.



2 Responses to “Enhancing Animal Communication With Shamanism”
  1. jnarr says:

    What is the relationship between shamanic work and animal totems? I have had many wonderful animal totems (eg. crows, hawks, snakes) come into my life. How can I connect this relationship to shamanic work?

    • Nedda says:

      Hi, jnarr,

      This is Nedda. Presenters are asked to blog only for 2 days. I emailed your question to Carla and she sent back this response:

      “That is the first question we ask in shamanic training. Who is the
      power animal who will guide us and protect us. Most shamanic
      practioners develop personal relationships with PAs in spirit form and
      these are critical totheir entire shamanic work and eventually to
      helpinging them with every aspect of their lives. The whole business
      of totem animals Is based in shamanic understanding and practice. You
      can get ideas about what power a specific animal spirit gifts you from
      books. But ultimately a shamnic practitioner learns these this
      directly from the power animal by journeying with them. Thanks for the
      question. For more detail please see spirithealer.com.