Owl’s Corner: May, 2010 – Entity Detachment

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How Can You Tell When an Animal Has an Entity Attached? 


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Joanne asks:

  • What is entity detachment?
  • How can you tell when entities are attached to an animal (I discovered one on my dog Ruger)?
  • How do you detach them and how do you know when they're gone?


3 Responses to “Owl’s Corner: May, 2010 – Entity Detachment”
  1. PS. I am sorry I did not answer all the questions Joanne.

    I use a dowsing technique for clearing that I learned years ago working with Walt Wood of the American Dowsers Assoc. I also use an Access Consiousness clearing technique I learned a year ago that is very effective. In my experience, I know it is gone when I simply ask. I also find there is an energy shift that I sense. Then, I also ask the client what and how they feel. This guides me with what additional things may be needed. In this case, the client felt the energy shift while we worked and the nightmares and the cat screaming stopped. Thanks so much for bringing this up. It is such an interesting area to work with.
    Christina Corbisello

  2. Thanks for your reply Nedda. There certainly are a variety of situations and reasons why an entity becomes attached and in my experience it is not always to the person/animal that is having the behavior issue AND it is not always a negative thing. I was recently called by a client in a new home, who’s daughter & herself were having nightmares and her cat was screaming all nite. Result -no one getting any sleep and they were becoming afraid of being in their new home.

    As we worked, what was discovered is that there was definitely an entity involved, but not attached to the cat. It was a parent figure there to warn and protect. She was creating the nightmares with intention to wake them up and the cat was screaming because she could see her.

    The previous occupant was being abused by a partner coming home at nite and this parent figure did not realize the previous occupant was gone. It had now become attached to the house and she was continuing her work each nite to warn the daughter. What was needed was to let her know, first of all, that she was appreciated by everyone including the house. We thanked her for all that she had done for “all the daughters”. In my experience gratitude to the entity is very important, because regardless of the symptom, they have been the reason it came to light. Then we let her know the “daughter” was now safe and had moved on, and that this new family loved the house. Once everyone was clear and filled with gratitude, the entity left. The new owner & I identified the chakras of the house and we did a clearing on each. I find that everything has purpose. There are no accidents and no coincidences. This situation allowed her to heal many things that had been brought up for her family as well. Result -cat is now happy and “normal” and everyone is getting a good night’s sleep!

    Rainbow Blessings,
    Christina Corbisello

  3. Nedda says:

    Dear Joanne,

    There are a variety of situations and reasons why a being might attach itself to the physical body of another. That is an entire discussion in itself. I will focus my response on the removal process.

    Entities cannot attach themselves to anyone who has not given permission for the attachment to take place. Permission can be given at many different levels of consciousness. Therefore, an animal might not remember having given permission.

    However, for a detachment to be fully successful and sustained, the animal must be willing to withdraw permission for the attachment to continue. This is done by the animal telling the entity to leave and never return. The animal must take back their personal power and commit to holding onto it.

    In my experience, there are a number of different ways that I receive signals to check for an entity attached to an animal.

    1- The client reports that their animal is behaving strangely and in ways that do not align with the animal’s known personality.
    2- When I begin communicating telepathically with the animal, the vocal quality that I hear sounds distorted or garbled.
    3- I can feel the energy of the entity when I scan the animal’s 4-body system.
    4- I am shown a visual image of an attached being by my guides or the guides of the animal.

    There are many different ways to perform a detachment. When I do one, I invite Archangel Michael to bring in an angelic team that is expert in this process. I work with that team and with the highest spiritual aspects of all beings involved, including that of the entity. It is essential to:

    1- Create sacred space.
    2- Open a vortex to the higher realms through which the entity will be taken away.
    3- Invoke protection for all concerned, including the entity.

    Only then do I invite the attached being to depart. Depending on the entity’s reaction to my request, stronger measures and a variety of techniques may be needed to get the entity to do so.

    It is important to make sure that the entity leaves this realm entirely. The being may be sent either to the Light or to another realm that is appropriate for its energies and level of consciousness.

    The last part of the detachment process is to provide whatever healing and support the animal needs to recover. This may include flower essences, energetic healings, and/or a quiet place and time to rest.

    Nedda Wittels