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When an Animal Is Returning, What Do the Clues Really Mean?


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I've been a member of your animal communicator forum since it started and am especially interested in animal reincarnation topics. I think it is a subject that most people are unaware that it is a possibility and although I've been studying it myself, it might be an idea to have another communicator talk on this subject again.

I was wondering if you could possibly answer a couple of questions for me because you say that you are able to communicate with pet spirits and find out when they are returning or if they are returning back to their people.

From what I gather, if they decide to return there are "clues" that are given as to where and when and what they might look like when they do.

  1. I was wondering, once these clues are given are they "written in stone" or can they change?
  2. What happens when four out of the five clues come to pass in one day but there is a stumbling block with the fifth clue?
  3. Recognizing the reincarnated pet [is a problem] because the person is presented with three identical kittens, all the same sex, and try as they might to have some kind of recognition - the reincarnated pet could be one of them -  all three act exactly the same and the person is prevented from placing the kittens on the floor to see if one runs up to the person because of "germs".   It becomes a matter of getting all three or none.  What is this indicating?

I think this must happen to other people and what is the message?  That if it's not five out of five clues for whatever reason, four out of five clues means it's not the per reincarnated because of the obstacles.? 

And what happens when there's a time-frame? It's to happen in such a such a month? It's two days to the end of the month and a person is faced with three identical kittens with the same colouring, etc., and everything else matches up except it was impossible to pick. What does one do?

As I said, this must happen to other people. I've tried to read up on what this is supposed to mean but I can't find any information as to what exactly this is indicating. If a person does not pick one of the kittens during the time-frame, then it would no longer be the month in which the pet said they would come back so it would drop to three out of five clues if they delayed- it would no longer be the month and there would be the obstacle in trying to determine if it is actually the pet.

Not only that there are no pictures of these kittens, they are at an animal shelter who says they will take pictures in a couple of days, I can't take pictures, and even if pictures were presented to an AC, the kittens are so identical there would be no way of determining which of the three the AC was actually indicating was the reincarnated pet?

Even the staff had difficulty and picked up the same kitten twice and then didn't know if they picked it up the third time and neither did I. It’s not supposed to be this difficult is it? As I said, this must happen to other people. What does it mean when it does?

It would be great if there was a forum where questions like this could be answered with people who are trying to have their pets reincarnate back to them and run into similar situations.



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  1. dragonfly says:

    Nedda has it so right. My experience is a bit different in context. Thirty years ago I wanted to find a kitten, and had no thought of a return of a bonded soul. However, I was drawn directly to one kitten out of two litters (two sister cats had litters at the same time). The human persuaded me to take two kittens. The second one was unhappy and cried a lot, so I finally took her back to the litter. The one I had been drawn to, Samantha, was a soul mate – we had been together in several lives, and she actually was the one who taught me to communicate with animals! Trust your own inner knowing.

    I had a group of two dogs and two cats, including Samantha, and about a year after the last one died, three of them told me they wanted to come back to me. The fourth has a job of helping dogs and horses to cross over, and wants to continue her work. We are waiting on the timing because I don’t have a space for all three of them at this time. I know, however, that when the time and place are perfect, we will have a wonderful reunion.

    Jackie Branagan

  2. Nedda says:

    The following information is from an article by Teresa Wagner, “Thoughts and Resources About Reincarnation Reuntions,” copywrite 2006.

    In this article, Teresa wrote:

    “From what the animals have told me, the decision for souls to come back together in form on earth is a sacred agreement. It does not happen by accident and cannot be forced.

    “I believe that reincarnation reunions between and among souls who share a deep love and connection have been happening since the beginning of time on earth. What was different in earlier times is that we valued and depended on our intuitive senses as deeply as our physical senses. We easily remembered and recognized souls we knew from the past.

    “What is different today is that we are in a time of barely remembering how to trust and use our full intuitive abilities, and therefore tend to distrust information that is not physically verifiable or “factual.” With this as our current cultural backdrop, while we may believe it’s possible for our beloved animals to return to us, we may understandably doubt our ability to know when, to absolutely recognize them, or worry that they will come back and someone else will find and adopt them. On this last point, I have had many, many animals reassure their human loved ones that they will find their person! Animals have told me over and over that the sacred agreement of reunion is not dependent on their humans knowing an exact time and place. The soul returning to earth and the spiritual guides of all parties involved make sure that the circumstances of return are in place. . . .

    “If you are anticipating the return of one of your animal loved ones to earth, try to relax and trust the process. The exact timing and place of return cannot be forced, and often not precisely predicted, any more than a woman can force or predict the timing of getting becoming pregnant or giving birth. It happens in perfect, divine timing for all souls involved. Sometimes in telepathic discussions, animals are very specific about which litter, which shelter, what month they will return, etc. Sometimes this information is more vague—sometimes because the decisions haven’t yet been made, and sometimes because the person waiting on earth is meant to learn to trust the process as it unfolds, rather than be told each detail of the reunion beforehand. . . .”

    Teresa also recommends some specific flower essences to help people who are seeking to reunite with their animals.

    To read the rest of this article, go to http://www.animalsinourhearts.com/articles/death-afterlife/reincarnation-reunions.html

    Nedda Wittels,
    Site Moderator

  3. Nedda says:

    Hi, sumr918,

    Thank you for an excellent set of questions.

    When I speak with animals in spirit who are planning to return, I am very well aware that the information they give me is often not locked in stone. Many times the spirit/soul has definite preferences, but also there are usually lessons for the human who is seeking to reconnect with the animal.

    As I read your questions, it sounds to me as though you were feeling many conflicting emotions during your search for the returning spirit, and those can block our ability to receive our own personal guidance during the search.

    Most of the beings in spirit who tell me they are returning are telling me that part of this process is for their person to “tune in” more with their own intuition and learn to follow their own inner guidance. This means that while looking at the kittens, you would connect with your own inner wisdom, your higher spiritual aspects, and ask to be given a signal as to which kitten is your returning friend.

    As for time frames, I must say that those in spirit experience time in a totally different way from how we experience time while in a body. So I never feel locked in to a time frame when such a being starts giving me dates. To me, those dates really mean “some time around” that date – or month – or even time of year (spring, fall, etc.).

    Perhaps you are familiar with the expression, “the eyes are the windows of the soul.” I always tell clients that, no matter what anyone else says or what signals you get, look deeply into the animal’s eyes and see if you feel (intuitively) a sense of recognition. That is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter what I or any other professional tells you. It only matters what you sense/feel/intuit/know yourself.

    A brief comment about pictures: the energy of the person/animal photographed IS in the photo, even when the photo is scanned into a computer and emailed. So having a photo can be very helpful in sensing the energy of the being who is in the body.

    I hope you find your animal friend again.

    Nedda Wittels