What Is Your Animal Saying To You?

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Blogging with Charlotte Szivak


I'm very honoured that you stopped by for my teleclass.   I look forward to your questions and comments.



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  1. Charlotte says:

    I want to thank all of you for sharing your insights and experiences, and for the amazing questions that you asked, I am very honoured with all your magnificent comments and feel trully blessed to have been able to offer the space to communicate what I have learnt on my journey to assist in yours.

    Thank you again for allowing me into your lives for that short hour and thank you Nedda again for providing such a beautiful service and to be able to faciailte such a powerful message and creating this amazing site with all its learning tool.

    I wish you much Divine Love and light,

    Ahui hoi

  2. Jane says:

    Charlotte –
    Have you had experience with “energy reversals?” By this I mean, as it has been described to me, that it is a condition that causes reversals in the information you receive or give when communicating or meditating – like, for example, hearing or sending a “no” instead of the intended “yes.” I think of the condition as sort of as a “psychic dyslexia.” If so, could you say a word about that, what’s behind it, and suggestions on corrective measures?

    Also, have you known anyone who seems to be a “lightening rod” for all the negative energy – or in the terminology Nedda might prefer: for all the “lower vibrations” – in a room? (Perhaps this occurs with animals, as well?) If so, could you say a word about the dynamics?

    Thank you so much, Jane

    • Charlotte says:

      Thank you Jane for your insightful questions, Yes I have experienced this type of reversal before a few times, it just means that the person or animal is not grounded – spirit not in the psychical body- or too caught up in the ego self – being to mental as I like to put it, meaning that they/we are over anylasysing and contemplating instead of making a decision and letting go.

      So in the past all I had to do was visualize or put my hands on there paws and make sure they were grounded and the reversal halted as well as they recieved peace of mind and more clarity and we were able to get to a clear communication.
      In this case I like to use the crystals; Sodalite and Hemitate to facilate calming down excessive energy, grounding and trusting the process and the outcome.

      As for a “lighting rod”, read this statment first…”WE ARE THE WORLD” which means we are a mirror image to each other, if you are experiencing lots of negativity or are attracting it, it is becuase you are resonating it at and need to release it, as is the same if you are attracting lots of Divine Light and Love, the key is to release and heal this, by taking ownership and responsiblity for the energy and burning and transmuting it to Love – the violet flame is a great example as is the book ZERO LIMITS, by Joe Vitailiy about the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono. By working throught self forgivness and releasing the energy you find balance and harmony within the self which will also reflect in your environment, and people, opportunities you attract. Yes, it does occur in animals too, as they absorb almost 80 % of your emotions and they too can be a product of there envirmonemnt. So doing Ho’oponopono with/on them is extremelly benefiticial.

      I love you
      Please Forgive Me
      I’m Sorry
      Thank You


  3. Jane says:

    Charlotte: We think of animals as giving us lessons in unconditional love. Along the lines of the first question above by elainekrist, what is behind multiple animals in a household having relationship problems with each other – not getting along when circumstances seem to indicate they “should.” For example, everyone gets attention, satisfactory accommodations, equal playtime, etc. but still they squabble.

    • elainekrist says:

      Hi Jane,

      I will respond to what we have learned from our kitties and the issue of not getting along at certain times. We learned last year to check in with the ones that were having episodes of not getting along and what we found in 90% of the cases is that our kitties were experiencing pain and the 2 medical issues we had to address were infected teeth and urinary tract infections. Since we are a rescue, but do not use cages, our cats interact a lot and also have space for their own quiet time. Sometimes the ones being picked on were not feeling well and sometimes the ones picking on others had the problem of not feeling well. It became important for us to step back and look at who was involved and then use our animal communication skills along with our holistic vet to determine what was going on. Once we addressed the medical issues and were actually proactive in resolving some medical conditions before they became severe, the squabbling stopped. This is just our experience. I look forward to hearing what Charlotte has to say.

      • Jane says:

        That’s very interesting. Thank you. And lucky you to have a holistic vet!

      • Nedda says:

        Dear elainekrist,

        Do you know that there are some all natural remedies that help cats maintain healthy gums and teeth? I have used both of these with my cats and they are both very effective.

        One brand is by PetzLife – you can get it in a spray bottle or a cream formula. The flavor is a bit strong, but some cats don’t mind it at all. This is the less-expensive of the two.

        The second one is called Leba III. It has a milder taste and only comes in spray form. My Siamese friend, Violet, prefers this one. Becasue the flavor is milder, it is the better one to use when your cat is taking homeopathic remedies.

        I have found that I don’t need to give these every single day. That may be because I feed a raw food diet with no grains, which is actually healthier for their teeth and gums, not to mention their entire bodies. Still, before using these products, both of my cats developed dental problems. My veterinarian recommended the PetzLife and I found the Leba III on line.

        Animals in pain, like people in pain, can be very grumpy. So I urge people to look into these products for their feline (and canine) family members. It can not only avoid pain and dental disease, but also avoid costly surgery, which can be very stressful for the animals and for our wallets.


    • Charlotte says:

      Thank you Jane, this is a vaired questions with many possibilities;

      first I would recommend when living with mulitply animals to grid your house with ROSE QUARTZ, it is a stone of love and when gridded meaning placeing it the furthest corners of the house, or a stone in each room , or at the entent of the property, it will bring in the energy of love, difuse and tempers flaring and claws starping and they all just get along. There can be a fear of what if I am not loved enoughed? what if I am not loved as much as the next cat? or dog or rat? It is maninly the insecuirity of the animal, just the fear of what if?

      I’ve found in many cases no matter how much love you give them and equally they will always be a what if senario, if the issue persists, then I would also recommended getting some BACH flower RESCUE Remedy, or Walnut to help with the changes and personalities of each animal.

      They are like you and me, they have thoughts, feelins and also fears. they are also a mirror reflection of all our personalities as well, the more animals the more personalilites you have, therefore, when this issue arises in your household, looking within yourself to see what is affecting or bothering you usually heals the case. Again Ho’onponopono (mentioned in the above blog) is a great way to heal the infliction in the self and not only does it clean the emotion within but in your animals and environment. You will soon see them getting along, and playing without a care in the world. Thank you for asking this questions.


  4. elainekrist says:

    Hi Charlotte,

    I so enjoyed your talk – i couldn’t believe it when the hour was up.

    You are the first person I have heard talk about attuning your animals. My family and I run a cat rescue and all of our animals (by their choice) have been attuned and most all participate monthly in an attunement offered by our friends. They always have choices here. We have found that when it is time for them to pass, they go quickly and easily.

    Do you think the earth’s shifting and the changes going on around the world are affecting the animals? For about 3 hours yesterday, we had several cats that just began picking on everyone and things were quite stirred up. This is not normal behavior for our group. I added Peace and Calming Essential Oil to our diffuser and shortly thereafter everyone was calm. Other people I had emailed also mentioned that their animals were acting out or with unusual behavior for several hours.

    • Charlotte says:

      Absoulty they are feeling the energy shift, even with the last few days, I found since last Thursday and then again since Tues of this week with the Equinoz approaching the energy is moving now, but has been making people feel nauase and dizzy, and wanting to rest to allow the full extent of the energy to be embodied.

      That is maganificent what your family is doing with the resuce and yes, it helps to make all the tranisitons more smoother since there is no fear to prolong and limit it.

      When the Tsnumai hit on Boxing Day 5 or 6 years ago, not one animal was reported found dead, this is an astounding discovery, becuase it proves they knew it was coming. We have lost so much connection over the last 200 – 300 years becuase of industrailizion and living in cities with our animals, yet know everyone is realizing their intuition and innate abilities of forwaring are remarkable and bang on. As we tune in, we reconzine the cycles of nature. …. and that animals are are our teachers. As shown in Ted Andrews book Animals Speak, they have many messages for us, we just need to tune in and allow ourselves to recieve.

      I wish you contuined success and Divine Love and light for your resue and all the amazing work you do. As a footnote, I would also like to add gridding your property with Rose Quartz to maximaze the effect of all the healing that you do.


  5. Starr says:

    Hi Charlotte,
    Thank you so much for an amazing hour of learning. I have a question please.
    When I was age 10, my dog walked passed me and I heard him say to me that he was going to die tomorrow. He did die the next day of a tooth infection. After that experience I became a psychic sponge and was able to feel the pain and suffering of every animal I saw. I called it my curse and prayed every night for God to take the feelings away. He heard me and now I would like to regain the communication but am having a heard time opening up. Do you have any suggestions of exercises or where I should begin relearning what I already knew.
    Blessings, Karen

    • Charlotte says:

      I am ever grateful and feel very honoured with your comment. It is my hope to be able to provide the space to allow others to connect and embrace there own gifts to open up to a magnificent new world that you have co-created.

      It is unfortant but in a means nessarcy to have an experience like you did when you where 10, so that later in your life you would remember how you felt, if it was all peaches you would never realize the strength of your abilities and never would have paid attention if your belived dog said “hey! I’d like some samone or my red ball”
      As we mentioned during the class even in the mystery schools of Ancient Egypt and Lemueria, they always began there first teachings in energtic boundries so that you have the abiliy to understand what is your energy and that of others. Slowy your energy will strenghten and it will amaze you how you start to hear nature “talking” to you. Your clairsentience abilities will regain, a few good options are to go for a few healing sessions yourself, learn to cut ethric cords and every day make sure to protect your energy, it can be as simple as a bubble of white light, or pink whatever you feel is the stongest. Invoking Archangel Micheal to be by your side and/or carrying a labrodite stone with you as well. One of the best books Ive ever seen on energtic boundries is The Pleiedain Workbook by Amorah Quan Yin.

  6. Reah Wallace says:

    I do have a question: You mentioned quickly to ground the animal, but how do we do that? I know how to ground myself but not my dog for instance.

    And what are the colors of the tentacles again for the negative feelings?

    • Charlotte says:

      Think of exactly how you would ground yourself and pretty much the same applies to your animals, if they allow you to touch there paws, then place your hands there especially on the hind paws first and visualize a grounding cord like a tree root into the Earth Star Crystal which is the centre core of the earth. If you have Reiki and know the symbols you can also put your hands on there paws and do the Raku symbol.

      If they dont allow you to touch there paws, then visualing is the next best optins. A Hemitate would be a great grounding stone to help you with this, placing it around the places they like to hang out the most like a pillow is advisable.

      Red is the colour of the ethric cords that are in the negative, power struggles or control issues.

  7. Reah Wallace says:

    This was so informative. I could have listened to it all day!

    • Charlotte says:

      LOL Thank you so much, I could have talked all day, it was my pleasure.

      • acusue says:

        Hi Charlotte

        Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. I also could of listened all day, you packed quite a bit of info into the call. I was interested in your rabbit as well, he sounds like he was such a wonderful companion. I travel a bit and I am keeping my eyes and ears open for a new family member that can go on a plane easily.

        Thank you again

        Susan Pipes