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There have been many requests for a way to ask questions about Animal Communication so that there can be more discussion at the Forum.  To meet this need, I am creating The Owl's Corner.

In the book, Medicine Cards, by Jamie Sands and David Carson, Owl is described: 

"Owl . . .
                     Time and space.

Does the truth emerge?
       Casting out deception,
              Silent flight.

Sacred Medicine Bird"

The Owl's Corner is where I will post questions about Animal Communication from site members.  These are questions that are not directed at any particular professional as part of their 2-day commitment to blog with you about a program they have just given.  Questions related to specific programs should be asked in those blog entries.

All professional Animal Communicators who are members of the Animal Communicator Forum  are welcome to comment (provide their insight and wisdom) in response to questions.  In your comment signatures, please use your real name and website link.

Please send all questions for The Owl's Corner to Nedda  Wittels at  All questions will be considered as potential blog entries for The Owl's Corner.

 Thank you.
Nedda Wittels, Site Moderator

What Is Your Animal Saying To You?

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Blogging with Charlotte Szivak


I'm very honoured that you stopped by for my teleclass.   I look forward to your questions and comments.


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