I Am You

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Blogging With Betty Lewis


Animals are realistic about life and death and their stories are surprising and compelling. 

Please feel free to share your experiences and ask questions on this topic.

Thank you.
Betty Lewis





3 Responses to “I Am You”
  1. Claudia says:

    Thank you Betty for sharing this great messages about the prey/predator relationship! But I have a question, how is it possible that most of time ‘the’ spirit leaves the body before the physical ending? Is the divine light and the consciousness leaving at the same time. I believe that everything is vibration, and the physical realm is illusion, sort a speak. Sometimes people still talk about over ‘There’ and ‘Here’ like there is a separation. I strongly believe there is not, only experience playing a wonderfull physical game! Is it our limited human thinking?
    And if so I come back on my 1st question? Have animals talked with you about that? I hope you understand what I wrote, it is not easy to put this feelings and thoughts into words!
    With kind regards,

    • pawsreflect says:

      Hi Claudia and thank you for your coments,

      I don’t totally understand the question, which is why I leave esoteric issues like this to metaphysicians and theologians. :} I’m just passing on what the animals have told me. But, I think, too, semantics often gets in our way. My “before” is possibly different from yours, but only by degrees. I suspect, if we were sitting together in person, refining our words, we would find that our descriptions would be quite close.



  2. pawsreflect says:

    Yesterday, at the live talk, a question was asked. I wanted to talk to a few mice before answering this question. My answer is below.

    Q: When a cat kills a mouse, but doesn’t eat it, are they breaking some kind of cosmic contract?

    A: Several mice have said to me: There are no cosmic laws. There are no strings attached to the predator/prey relationship. In other words, just because you are a predator doesn’t mean you’ve agreed to certain conditions. And, most importantly, each situation is unique. The specific relationship is with *this* predator and *this* prey. We’re not to be generalizing “Truths” from each situation.

    Thanks for the question. Hope this helps.